Oasis @ the beach

Never trust building supplies! They just let you down when you need them the most. The ton of sharp sand had been ordered for weeks. The plan including paddling pools, sandcastles, deck chair area, barbeque and bar had been discussed over many months, but alas in the end Oasis had to settle for a “taste” of the beach with umbrellas, balls, and a child’s swimming ring.

Still the hall had beach bunting, fancy flashing lights, matching plates and serviettes and a turn out of over 30 people.

Ann has worked tirelessly to lay on a fantastic spread of typical summer beach food of ploughman’s and fruit. Oasis thanked her for this.

It is always difficult to tell what outfits we would be expecting at the beach. It had been such a lovely day but the evening was chilly, and not conducive to bikini wear.

Claire, one of our ladies was having trouble parking her victorian bathing carriage outside. Jenny however came to her aid looking regal in an Indian summer style outfit ensemble. Talulah from Hawaii (aka Beccie) in her grass skirt, that swished in the summer breeze, was already preening herself for the parade.

Carole had arrived in a beautiful long beach outfit, so colourful with a matching hat looking elegant as she cooked under the sun shade from the bright piecing hall lights.  Glinda had a lovely colourful outfit. A Lindy bop style dress. An ideal dress if you want a sea breeze to keep the undercarriage cool!

Heads turned as Rachel arrived. Again in a Lindy bop dress, but so matched to the occasion with seagull playfully darting across her torso and swooping down for titbits on the Brighton sea front printed along the entire length of her hem.  I could even make out the penthouse flat Vicky and I stopped in!  Misha and Amber were in red outfits, elegantly dressed for a more formal day at the beach.

Finally, so as not to be outdone by anyone else, Serena arrived in a polkadot swimsuit and integral modesty skirt (thank God!) with matching red shoes and hat. I’m certain she must have borrowed her legs from a modelling agency!

Judging and voting took place in time honoured fashion as was the remotest chance that Talulah was going to sweep the first or any prize!

Claire in her victorian outfit was the  outright winner with Rachel in her Brighton sea view outfit a second place and finally  in third place was Serena in her polkadot swimsuit.

Well done to everything who took part.

Talulah (aka Beccie) was last seen forcing her outfit through the shredder!





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