Fishy Tails @ Oasis

What better than to follow the beach party last month with our annual chip and quiz event. There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach followed by fish and chips out of a newspaper!

With an attendance of over 35 ladies it was promising to be a great evening. Cars were jammed like sardines into the car park as lady upon lady came through the doors fishing for compliments.

Joanna, who is a dab hand at collecting the entrance charge, welcomed them.She pointed out to them where they were sitting, some disappointed they weren’t on the captain’s (Bird’s Eye) table. Still there was plenty of liquid refreshment for them to drink  like a fish!

Still at Oasis, everyone is welcome as we can cast away our troubles at least for the evening. There is always a friendly face who has experienced similar thoughts. Lindsey our newcomer, who at first felt like a fish out of water, was already feeling at home in a school of other familiar faces.

Our meals arrived and our resident chefs sorted out who was having what. “Holy mackerel! “Vicky cried, “everyone got what they ordered.” The economy of scale made it a cheap skate evening and everyone was as happy as a clam.

Puddings followed along with the raffle. Winning ladies were astounded by the selection of prizes. The world was their oyster!

Vicky then administered her annual quiz, not on all things fishy but this time based on the names of objects, sayings etc. from the past. We all rose to the bait!

Beccie had revised all week on every type of fish imaginable only to be disappointed (yet again!) with no chance of getting the prize. She was certainly done like a kipper with not a single red herring to be seen!

I think, all in all, everyone had a whale of a time!!

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