Oasis does Banger and Mash

An Evening of Celebrations and Thanks.

This year we celebrated our annual Bangers and Mash sit down waitress meal with the company of 33 Oasis members.  This evening could not have happened without the hard work of Ann and Vicky in preparing the meal. So we must first say thanks to them for their tireless support they have given to Oasis over the last 9 years.

Joanna was celebrating being one of our longest serving waitress. She served with professionalism moving skillfully around the room.  Not a sausage or pea managed to find itself on the floor!

We were also celebrating the welcome return of Jill and Alice, who had travelled from London to visit our group. We met them both at the Northern Concord Ringwood weekend and later when Oasis went to see Kinky Boots in London.

Hazel was celebrating coming to Oasis for the first time. It is so nice to see new people come to the group. Hazel didn’t just live down the road but planned her visit by driving her touring caravan from Essex to a Norwich site.  So we thank her for that, and so pleased was she that we are expecting to see her at our annual Oasis Christmas meal at a restaurant in Norwich.

Chatted and banter weaved its way through the evening as our diners consumed the main course followed by the mini pavlova or apple crumble and viewed the events and activities on offer next year.

Thanks go to Geri, a relative new member of oasis, for organising for a make-up artist to visit Oasis in March next year.

Thanks also to to Phyllis, Barry and Denise, who have agreed to front an ever popular, 40s evening in May next year.

Oasis is an interesting group.  Some of our ladies attend for just one or two sessions and decide it’s not the group for them ( probably the music TOO loud of the bar prices are too expensive!) Other stay and become supporters of our other ladies and enjoy the variety of activities that Vicky, Ann and Beccie put together each year.

Serena and Laura are two such people who were celebrating milestones at Oasis this month.

Five year ago Serena came to Oasis, nervous and fragile.  Now five years on she has matured and flourished and a great supported of the group and disappointingly keeps winning the best dressed competitions! We thank her for continued offer to do the food at the September Oasis evening next year.

Laura celebrated her third anniversary of attending our group.  Laura is one of our younger members, who is a breath of fresh air,and makes us all feel a little bit younger being around her. Coming to Oasis and meeting other has clearly giving her more confidence. She is also hoping to celebrate her first 100% attendance for 2017 in December.

I would like to think that in this fast moving world Oasis is still that place where we can be ourselves, develop our skills and female persona, and meet others who become lasting friends. Where we can feel comfortable in a supportive environment.

Finally and most importantly we thank our founder, Barbara Ross, for having the insight to create an Oasis Transgender support group over 30 years ago. Long may we remember her.

One thought on “Oasis does Banger and Mash

  1. Hello Beccie , so sorry I lost the post code for the Oaisis venue, comming to the 16th Xmas event, can you send me the postcode again please , many thanks Millie

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