60’s Bingo Night and Celebration@Oasis

Our next meeting in March is a change from the one previously published on our booklet.  Unfortunately we cannot run a make-up demo so we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy a 60’s Bingo Night.

Please note this meeting is on Saturday 24th March – one week later than normal.

So its going to be “Garden Gate”, or “Legs 11″or “Danny Le Rue” or “Turn the screw” and the chance to win some interesting prizes for the diagonal, 4 corners and full house.

As its a 60’s Bingo night it will be a change to come dressed in something from that era – I leave the choice to you! There will be a prize for the best outfit.

We are also celebrating the 31st  Anniversary of Oasis, which started by Barbara Ross all those years ago at her house.

So lets make it a great party.

Its a ladies food night, where we ask you to bring something savory or sweet to share with others.  Nothing too large, enough to feed two people (e.g. plate of sandwiches, sausage rolls, large bag of crisps, or mini cakes).

Let me know if you can make our next meeting by completing the on-line for below.

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