Make up Tips

Geri, on of our more recent Oasis member, has kindly recorded her thoughts on make up tips following a recent makeover.

So I hope this helps you as well.

You can download this here

Applying Make Up

The art of applying facial make up is to create layer on layer.

A magnifying mirror can be useful, especially for eyes and most mirrors also have a plain side.

Start with a selection of brushes:

Reading from left to right these are the brush functions:

For applying face powder

For applying foundation

For applying bronzer and/or rouge

Blender for cheeks

Blender for eyes

Eye shadow applicator

Angled tip for eye brows or eye liner

Lip outline brush

Not used

Select the preferred brand(s) of cosmetics – Boots No 7 is hypo-allergenic.

The following are the steps, in order, I was shown but after some practice, experiment a little and see what you achieve.

The base

Apply moisturiser over face and down neck, about half way down.


Use a concealer on the dark skin at the corner with the nose and under the eyes if needed.

Apply eye shadow but always use the flat of the brush to dab on rather than “paint” on and always finish with light strokes from the top down to the lash line. Apply a light colour as a base from the brow line to the lash line then, depending on the colour set you are using, apply a light/medium colour to approximately a third of the lid starting from the nose outward. Apply this from the top of the eye socket to the lash. Then use a deeper colour for the remaining two-thirds again from the socket bone to the lash.

Some extend this colour past the outside of the eye but try to keep above the line of the lashes.

  • Next use a highlighter to bring out the colours and by the use of small circular brush strokes the three colours of eye shadow are blended.
  • Now apply eye liner. This can be in the form of eye shadow, a soft pencil i.e. a Kohl or liquid eye liner.
  • To use eye shadow as a liner use the angled brush and draw a line under the bottom lash to about two thirds of the width from the outer edge inwards. (More or less where the darker colour eye shadow was applied) Generally a darker colour is used to emphasise the eye. Some like to apply a similar line on the eye lid.
  • Using a soft pencil in the same manner can achieve a similar result. The difficulty in sharpening, because the soft core, can become overcom by using a “propelling pencil” type.
  • Liquid eye liner can be difficult to use and requires a short time to dry or it smudges. Practice many times to become competent.
  • Select the mascarra to use and first apply to the bottom lashes. When withdrawing the applicator from the container a small gathering is often seen on the end of the brush, remove with a tissue or it will appear as “clumps” on the lashes. Look down and dab the brush on the bottom lashes as these are generally much shorter than those on the lid. Look up and apply to the top lashes and here a gentle rolling motion can be used to coat the lashes, A second application is often applied if seeking a pronounced lash apprearance.
  • Now colour the eye brow using a soft pencil – see comments above about soft and propelling type pencils – or use eye shadow. Use the same techniques as for eye lineing. Outline the top and bottom of the brow and then infill the middle.


Select  the colour that suits. Generally a lighter colour for every day wear and a darker colour for evening or special occassions.

Use the back of the hand as a pallette and apply a little at a time always ensuring an even distribution and work from the centre of the face outwards. Take one or two passes over the ear lobes and extend down the neck so that a line is not clearly visible where natural skin colour meets foundation.

Bronzer and rouge

Brush a little bronzer under the cheek bone from in line with the eye outer edge to a little short of the mouth. Next use rouge on the top of the cheek bone under the eye. Now use highlighter in small circles to blend the two colours together. Some may not want to use bronzer or rouge but it produces a radiance about the complexion. Often the highlighter applied is a little of the two shades included in the dispenser.

Face powder

Use the brush to gently apply powder to the face and neck.


Use a small brush to outline lips and then infill with the chosen lipstick. Blot on a tissue and, if required, use lip gloss.

Make up application tuition is available in some department stores, larger branches of Boots and an internet search may reveal persons who specialise in this field.


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