Oasis goes Full House

60sWe have also strived at Oasis to give our ladies every opportunity to try out different themes, cultures and eras and this month was no exception.  The sixties were a decade of experimental fashion and cultural changes.  Bingo was also booming in the sixties so what better than to combine them both ot an Oasis evening.

It was a ladies’ food night, and despite the unexpected low numbers, there was plenty available. We welcomed two new ladies to our group and no sooner had they sat down we were crunching the numbers on our bingo cards in the hope of getting a line, the four corners or the full house.

It was Young and Keen – 15; Pick and Mix – 26; Buckle my Shoe – 32; Stop and Run – 81.

Quality prizes, that Oasis is famous for were in abundance, no expense spared!  With sweets, Chinese lanterns and chocolates for the smaller wins and a fibre-optic LED light for the Full House.

The evening was finished off with the traditional fashion parade.

60s outfitsFirst prize went to Hannah in what looked a real authentic outfit down to the Go Go boots. Could it have been hired? Had I seen that outfit winning competitions at the Beaumont Harrogate weekend recently?

The second prize went to Rachel, who had recently been on a skiing trip with Serena. You can see the article, written by Serena, in the latest edition of the Beaumont Magazine.  Rachel is pictures in this article, which is more than she was in the Beaamont article!

The third prize went to Jennifer, who later on in the evening gave us a very informative talk on the new data protection regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May.

Don’t forget our 40’s Evening on Saturday 19th May. Information to be published later.

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