Oasis visits Stody Big Gay Out

Saturday 26th May started out very dull but by the time we arrived at Stody Lodge Gardens, around 1.30pm the cloud burnt away to reveal a glorious sunny day. It was a special LGBT+ event to raise funds for Norwich Pride.

After the £6 admission and a map to guide us by we were presented with a wall of perfumed scent as we strolled down the Azaleas Walk leading to the main lawn with the Pride Choir singing their hearts out in the background. There we met Lizzy, on of our Oasis members. It was good to catch-up on news.

Decision time, do we go straight to the refreshment tent, or take in the sights? Unfortunately I lost and we ventured to the Azalea Water Gardens  with over 2000 plants, believed to be the largest single planting of Azaleas in the UK. There we met Elaine and Jenny two of our past Oasis members.

Outstanding vistas are fine but refreshments are better so to quench our thirst and sample the rainbow cakes, sold to raise funds for the 10th anniversary of Norwich Pride on Saturday 28th July, we made a beeline for the tent!

All in all a great day out and good to be “out” and strolling around a beautify garden being “ourselves”!

There is no doubt we will visit Stody Lodge Gardens again!

Joanna, Petra and Beccie.

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