Oasis’ Got Talent (#OGT)

We never really know when we do our calendar planning each year if an event is going to be a success or not, and I was more worried about running this event than any of the others. Yes I’ve got talent,plenty of it, but has anyone else in the group got any!

I’ve got so much talent.. I could talk for hours about dressing appropriately to your age!

Well as it turned out I wasn’t disappointed with 7 ladies coming forward to take up the challenge.

We had some comical poetry from Serena who had mastered, from the picture, the ability to sit unassisted on one leg! Next up was Kay, a late entry, but not to be missed. Her hoop skills enthralled us and her pieste de resistance was drinking a glass of water while hooping.

Ann and Vicky, served us our first course, a ploughwomen’s meal of salad, cheese, meat and French stick.

Next was Carole, who talked about her love of watercolours and bought along two scenes of Norfolk.  She had only started painting when she had retired and was now teaching other her skills. Geri was up next. Dressed as a Hillbilly and reciting from memory a monologue about Santa Clause. I understand this was the second time she had performed this! Well it didn’t show!

Pudding followed of jelly and fruit or strudle and custard.  If I had a “Golden Buzzer” it would go to our most talented chefs Vicky and Ann.

Next up was Kate who talked about the work of the Norfolk Knitters and showed some examples of the items they produced for hospitals and charities. Her knitted bees were very amusing.

After that Petra talked about her love for baking and gave away her secret for making sponges light and airy. We all then had a chance to taste a cake she had prepared earlier.

Last was Jules who gave a rendition of the song “waiting at the church” . This was originally sung by Florrie Forde in 1906. Finally Jules recited a poem about meeting Claire and how it changed her life.

A big thank you to all the talent at Oasis who provide another great evening.

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