Fashion Show @ Oasis

Our August Oasis gave our ladies and their partners a chance to snap up some clothing bargains. We were blessed with continuing good weather, the largest attendance at Oasis of 38 people and a fine selection of fashion models.

Ever done a car boot sale! You know despite what time you get to the field to set up, as your emptying your boot, people are already picking out the bargains and offering you money. Well this was the same as Beth and Virginia from M&Co in Cromer were frantically trying to get all those bargains on the rails, while our ladies were equally frantically getting those bargains bagged before their peers have found them!

Primark on their 50%, BOGOF sales day was a walk in the park by comparison!

As for our fashion models, there was Emma-Jane and Lilly, both recently joined the group, then Claire and Kay great and continuing supporters of Oasis.  Joanna, our lady on the door, who is expert at extracting your subs as you enter has been a model before and I’m certain is the women in all the M &Co advertising.

By popular demand Beccie agreed in her final year as “Mother Superior”, to be the sixth model.  It didn’t take much persuading.

Virginia, a novice to the group was given the ultimate challenge by Beth her supervisor. Find 3 outfits that will transform 6 old women into young supermodel. An impossible task, but Virginia had learnt from the best, M & Co, and with her fashion eye she came up trumps!

Let the Oasis Fashion Show begin!

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