December activities @ Oasis

Are you the same as me?  Already planning for Christmas in October! Deciding which outfit for which event, what’s going with what!  Short or long? Elegant or sexy? Black or red? Looking out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and then hoping what you’ve ordered is going to arrive in time!

We kicked off our first event in the Christmas Oasis calendar on 1st December.

Tina had been busy since August, in discussion with the venue about how the evening was going to be organised.

We had decided to give Caistor Hall another chance to impress us, as it was under new management. Thirty members of Oasis and friends celebrated Christmas.  It was a balmy night with temperatures in double figures. As we arrived we assembled in the library and chatted to Oasis past and present members. It was nice to see Hannah, who was returning for a final time as she continued her transgender journey.

Tina, our organiser, was busy making sure everything was running on time.  We are so blessed to have someone, who has embraced Oasis and is willing to organise these events, which don’t just happen, but need meticulous planning. Our resident photographer, Jules, was also on hand to capture those special moments that will become memories.

The next event, and another dress, was the Oasis Festive Fun night on Saturday 15th December.  This event is always well attended and this year, despite the high winds and rain, was no exception, with over 30 people.

I was stepping down from being the figurehead or “Mother Superior”, as I’m affectionately called, so it was a sad and celebratory evening.  I had served Oasis for 10 years and it was time for new blood and new ideas to take over. Vicky, Ann and myself received a great send off with thanks and gifts. Vicky did her special quiz and raffle and I gave out some special awards to some of the Oasis flock for their contribution during my tenure. It was also lovely to see Lena, returning for this special night as well as Carole and Kate from Sussex and Jill and Alice from London.

The next Oasis event, and another outfit, was the annual LGBT Carol Service, now in its 26 year, held at St John’s church in Timberhill, Norwich.  Ten of us gathered at Pizza Express @ the Forum on Monday 17th December for a meal before the service. It was nice to see Shirl and Roger, two people who have been avid supporters of Oasis, not only during my time but also during Barbara’s reign.

The carol service afterwards gave us all an opportunity to raise the roof with joyful singing to be rewarded afterwards with mince pies and refreshments. It was a fitting culmination to all the December Oasis events.

It only leaves me to wish you all, wherever you are, a peaceful Christmas and New Year as Oasis embarks on a new chapter in 2019.


Check out our new 2019 programme.

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