The roaring 20’s @ Oasis

Was I just dreaming of did I hear the music of Irvin Berlin, Jerome Kern and Lew Brown coming from the hall as I drew up for the first Oasis meeting of the New Year.  It’s was themed as “ Between the Wars” and there was to be a best dressed competition. This evening I was all by myself. That’s why I was late getting there, as for the first time for a long time I could spend time getting ready and arriving when I wanted!

As I stepped out the car I felt five foot two, eyes of blue, and ready to Charleston.

I wasn’t disappointed as I made my grand entrance, I was transformed back in time to the 1920’s , with flappers everywhere. Did I stand a chance of winning or was I going to be, like so many Oasis’s before, nobody’s sweetheart.

Numbers were down slightly, but there was a good spread of food and the hall was warm and inviting and it was good to be all together again.

Seven of us took part in the best dressed parade, with Davina, who had provided the music for the evening, snatching the first prize and Claire coming second.

To my surprise, I had made the third place and at last it was happy days are here again for me.

All that was left was to say my good-byes to everyone, button up your overcoat, defrost the car and return the present day and reality!

I’m already looking forward to the February meeting, themed as Far Eastern, I’m setting my sights on first place in the best dressed competition as Rickshaw Girl!

Oh. by the way, for the experts that read these posts, did you spot those 7 well known music classics of the 1920’s in my rambling this month?

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