Eastern Promise @ Oasis

欢迎 ( Welcome)

Its official, over 1000 views of the Oasis website each month. I know we’re not as popular as some sites with thousands of hits a day, but considering were a small transgender group in darkest Norfolk, last year we had a total of 12,800 views.( Up by 2000 on 2017)

As expected we had over 11,000 from people in the UK, but interestingly, as this month was our Far Eastern event, we had 24 views in China,and 5 in Japan.  In fact in 2018 we were viewed by nearly 60 countries, all of them east of Norfolk.

Our Far Eastern event in February saw Chinese and Japanese outfits. We were even graced with real a geisha and joshi kōsei. We also welcomed a new lady, Wendy to our group.

Numbers were slightly down but Vicky had excelled with a lovely meal and 5 of our group offered to take part in the far Eastern parade and competition. There would have been more as Beccie promised to come as Rickshaw Girl,but at the last minute the cart developed a puncture and she was totally deflated!

The Eastern ladies assembled.  Rosie claimed she had come as a Bangkok Lady boy in a stunning deep blue outfit, followed by Jenny in a red and I imagine authentic Chinese outfit. Davina was in a very traditional Chinese, black with gold inlay trouser suit, which would not look out of place when travelling around China on the Harmony train. Lilly had pulled out all the stops with a traditional light blue Chinese outfit.  Clearly she had the figure to pull it off as well! It takes real skill to squeeze in those small outfits.

Serena never fails to impress with her attention to detail in her geisha girl outfit.  She had researched the topic and came prepared with her Japanese writing and facts. Finally, what I consider was the star of the show, came Joshi kōsei, or translated, Japanese schoolgirl, from the comedy Manga series. She presented in a simple school girl sailors outfit. 

After considerable debate from our judge and possible several recounts the winners were announced. 

Lilly came first, followed by Jenny and then Davina.  It was a travesty that the Japanese schoolgirl, the geisha girl and the Bangkok Lady boy, who all had spent so long researching and preparing for this event should fail to impress. Beccie wished now she had come as Rickshaw girl!!


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One thought on “Eastern Promise @ Oasis

  1. This was a brilliant evening very well thought out.
    Please could we have an INDIAN evening next year. Colourful clothes, interesting and very nice food, music which has rhythm, depth and class plus it’s fun to dance to.

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