Oasis@Stody Rainbow Day

Reeling from the success of their first LGBT garden day in association with the 10th anniversary of Norwich Pride, on Saturday 25th May Stody Lodge put all their efforts into providing an action packed LGBT Rainbow Garden Day.

Just as much planning had taken place to ensure everyone knew what they were bringing for the picnic lunch. So @ 12 noon, 12 of us sat down to a meal fit for us Queens. It was nice to see Angela again from Transhaven with her friend Melissa. Oasis had a 200% increase in numbers compared to last year with 10 of us.

After a hearty picnic lunch, with lots of chatter we made our way to the main house gardens to listen the events of the afternoon, including the Pride Choir.

I had been asked by Kate, the owner of Stody, if I would do a talk, so after a lot of thought about what I might talk about the answer came to me. I’d talk about what I knew the most about, ME, and how OASIS had saved me.  (Click on this link to read the my talk transcript)

Surprisingly it went very well, and thanks to my Oasis colleagues for their supportive applause, and I didn’t have to pay them! Many came forward to say how close my story reflected theirs.

The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting over refreshments and rainbow cake, to raise money for Norwich Pride 2019, or visiting the Azalea water garden and taking the requisite selfies, with all of us, including Lauren, another Transhaven lady, ending up back where we all started our picnic with strawberries and cream and final farewells.

We look forward to the LGBT Rainbow Day in 2020.


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