On Saturday 1st of June, fifteen of us, Oasisians, made a visit to the Maddermarket Theatre for a production of the musical Cats. The evening started with 9 of us having an early meal at Pizza Express on St Benedict Street and the fun afterwards trying to work out who paid what on the bill, always a tricky task! Then after a gently walk to the theatre on a warm evening we met the remaining members of our group to chat, reminiscence and watch the performance.

Oasis is blessed with a regular attendance of not only, us ” ladies”, but also partners and friends and this evening was no exception.

Although the performance was not by a professional troupe, but a youth group their acting was outstanding. We should be proud of the up and coming young talent in Norfolk. The costumes were brilliant, might even hire one for an Oasis meeting. Perhaps I could be Old Deuteronomy, the wise and benevolent elderly Jellicle leader who is beloved by his tribe!!

We departed after a long chats and drinks in the bar afterwards discussing where we might arrange the next outing. Any thoughts!


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