Oasis Summer Outing

Was it going to rain, would it be hot, would there be lots of walking, flats or heels, short or long dress, sleeves or sleeveless, dress or separates, hat or facinator, splash proof or umbrella.

Do sis women have these problems? All this before starting off on the Oasis summer outing to the 1940s day on the Mid Norfolk Railway in Dereham.

The forecast was good, cloudy with some sun,no rain with temperatures in mid 20s.

Joanna, Petra, Phyllis, Barry, Emma-Jane, Michelle, Tina, Mitsy the dog, Dee, Serena, Lilly and myself met in the Dereham station café.

We then caught the 11.30 steam train to Wymondham Holt arriving at 12.15. The coaches were already hot and airless, and while the horses in the fields we passed were sweating, the ticket-man was perspiring I was simply glowing!

Most ladies have their wardrobe malfunctions in the privacy of their own home, but not Serena, she always has to go one better, and somehow manage to knot her hat onto a blouse button. It took all the skill of a Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy (Barry) to release it.

Across the railway, was a field crammed with 1940s stalls and displays, including an unexploded bomb, but lunch was more pressing. After a leisurely walk past the Abbey, we arrive at the Green Dragon, reputed to be one of the oldest pubs in England, and were guided to their snug, a cosy room capable of housing all of us.

The food and service by the young assistant was excellent. Fully refreshed we trooped back to visit the displays before catching the 15.00 train.

Then up the track to Yaxham, to stop to visit the French army ( well two of them!) and another refreshment stop and photo opportunities. We gave our farewells to Tina, Dee and Mitsy as they carry on their journey home.

Finally it was up the line and back to Dereham, more tea and chatter and final farewells.

One of the great things about these outings, is educating and meeting our public. Maybe expelling some of those urban myths about what trans people are. We had no negative comments, in fact quite the opposite, people were chatty, interested and complimentary.  No one should fear being out and proud.

Where shall we go next? What about norfolk broads on the Norfolk Broads!!


One thought on “Oasis Summer Outing

  1. In reply to your question – ‘cis’ women do not usually have these problems, as they tend to wear practical clothes for such outings.

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