Bangers and Mash Hallowe’en @ Oasis

Although numbers were down from previous years with just under 30, we still had a wonderful spooktacular Bangers and Mash Hallowe’en evening. Serena, our new leader, had spend many hours producing pumpkin shapes which hung precariously from the ceiling and created an atmosphere of a witches cavern.

The tables were laid out with name tags written in beautiful blood red calligraphic writing and there were witches in abundance. Vicky,our chef to the stars was in the kitchen as usual, with her cauldron bubbling away as she cast her magic spell over the preparations.

Being an admirer of the famous bard she was adding her ingredients at the cooker. “Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing.”

We were in for a treat!

PC 896 Paula Gilluley had joined us in what was perhaps the most scariest outfits of all our ladies, her police uniform.  She covers the Breckland area, and we met her at King’s Lynn Pride way back in August. She gave a talk on her role and hoped to see us soon.  Disappointingly, and unlike Pride, there were no free pens or badges to give out!!

After our meal, the witches ( I say this in the loosest sense) assembled for the judging.  Considering we were low on numbers seven of us had gone to considerable toil and trouble to dress up, make up and buy up their Halloween looks. Tesco certainly made a profit from us!!

Barry was put in charge of collating the voting slips and we waited in anticipation for the final result.

Beccie came 3rd and was certain that the false fang teeth clinched the win. Second was Theresa with a simple black dress and witches broom. I think the black nails clinched her win! Lilly took first place as “catwoman” but how that fitted into Hallowe’en is anyone guess!!.  I think it was the tail that did it.  She should have won a bowl of milk!

Well done to all who took place. It was all fangtastic.



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