Strictly Come Dancing @ Oasis

I really love watching Strictly.  Not for the dancing, but for those dresses!  The way the fabrics swish and swirl across the dance floor.  Who wouldn’t watch it!

Well not to be out done by the BBC, Oasis this year is holding its very own Strictly Come Dancing evening on Saturday 16th November and  you have the chance to swish and swirl your fabrics.

So don’t hold back, we’re looking for something diaphanous, influential, formative, groundbreaking, pioneering, original, creative, innovative.  So nothing too challenging!!

Hired costumes are not accepted Rachel!

Holly (aka Serena) will be on hand to control the proceeding and stop any bitchiness!

This cost of this event will be £8 and the food will be prepared by Vicky.  Please lets us know if you will be coming to this event so we know food numbers.

Interested in the themes and dates for next year.  Click on this link.

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