Strictly @ Oasis

Once a year, as the highlight of the season, the Strictly Come Dancing team pack up their make-up, their glitter, their beautiful dresses, their lovely heels and head north to a very special location. The BBC would have you believe they travel to Blackpool but no, my darlings, that is simply fake news! Oasis can now reveal the real location is a very special Tower Ballroom near Norwich.

Yes, this is truly one of the special nights of the year, Oasis does Strictly!

Our evening started with much excitement, as our members and contestants arrived to reveal their outfits. Latin or ballroom, romantic or sassy; one by one our ladies showed off such gooorgeous costumes and we could see that tonight there would be no disasssssters darlings, no sevennns, only 10 10 10 10!  No Voguing, no disco, no street dance, no mam, tonight was Strictly Ballroom.

Our excitement only grew when our very own model girl, Serena started the evening with her fabulous Tess Daly impersonation (yes in those heels) and then, we realised that we had a surprise visit by Claudia Winkleman. Yes, it could only be the real Claudia, couldn’t it?

Next we gave a warm welcome to our newest member, the elegant brave Rosie, who we hope will become a regular at our future meetings.

Then our supper arrived, as Vicki once again proved that she is not only beautiful but such a talented chef by providing us with a very spicy meal. Vicki how did you cook in your stunning silver jump suit? You are a marvel.

Amongst much excitement and chatter, we had our line up of 12 and our judges had to make their difficult choices. How would they make their decision with so many contestants? Would they focus on technical skills or on artistic interpretation? Would they be nasty Craig or would they be exuberant Bruno? Who would be lovely Motsie, who would be kind Shirley?

Our paddle boards were all of a quiver; we had our results.

Drum roll, in 3rd we had the divine Amanda, dressed in fabulous purple.

Another drum roll, more tension, in 2nd is the sultry Dawn in her slinky evening gown.

And finally, the tension is unbearable, our winner is…….. Lilly in her beautiful velvet blue dress, with blue earrings and gold accessories. Lilly said ‘I want to thank Oasis with all my heart, yet again Oasis have made my dreams come true! Thank you’.

Tonight there were no tears, only winners and in a flash our evening is over. As the BBC returns to Elstree, Oasis looks forward to our Christmas party but in the meantime…. remember to Keep Dancing! (or even Dressing!)


Seen the events for 2020.  Click on this link

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