Come Yew Out!

A message from Andrew Copeman

Hello, I’m the producer of the LGBTQI+ history play (working title come yew out) and I’d like to invite your group to take part, in any form you like. Currently we are in the research phase, meeting regularly to build up source material for the script.

I’m very keen for volunteers to be interviewed (or be the inrerviewer) on their experiences and lives so that we can build an honest picture on the struggles/joys of our community members, I’m also particularly interested in personal accounts of Barbara Ross and the amazing work that she did.

There’s also a creative response phase, where we invite people to create art on any kind that’s based on our research which will be published as an Ebook.

We’re committed to our project being a community play, so people who have faced discrimination when auditioning for rolls, or have lacked confidence to try out in the past, have an opportunity to act or sing in the performance. We will be running workshops to help boost people’s confidence and skills, should anyone want to attend.

There will also be opportunities behind the scenes as crew and set design, if anyone would like to be involved but isn’t comfortable with the spot light.

We’ve booked our next research sessions, if any oasis members would like to come! This is on Saturday 29th at 11am with the official opening of the LGBT+ archive at 1pm. Both sessions will be at the Forum library on the 2nd floor. (Access via the library)

Also at the end of March is trans day of visibility, and we’d like to do something to commemorate it, like perhaps performing a song, any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Andrew Copeman

if your interested in being involved contact Oasis or Andrew at:

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