March Oasis Blog

Hello everyone, how are you coping? In our normal pre-coronavirus lives we would have been planning for the Saturday’s Oasis meeting and trying outfits which were tri-coloured.

How British life has changed in the last few weeks!  I suppose we saw it coming, but like all of us thought it wouldn’t involve us.

I know  a few weeks ago I spend time, each night, looking at  Public Health England website and seeing how the virus was spreading across the country, but NOT in Norfolk. Why was that?  Was it because most people lived further from each other? Was it because half of Norfolk consisted of a coastline.  Of course it was short lived, and cases started to appear. Now we are in double figures.

Of course it been really hard social distancing. Just a fortnight previous I was due to go out for a meal and theatre visit to the end of the pier theatre, in Cromer, with my good friend Vicky, to see Funny Girls. We saw them on their home turf in Blackpool probably many years ago, and it was to be their first tour.

Alas, with many theatres closing their doors and cancelling shows it wasn’t long before I got my corvid-19 email from the box office.

I am very lucky because I can dress at home, but I know there are many who are unable to express themselves at home. This will be a very stressful time for them.  If you need to chat contact us an I will connect you with someone who has offered to help.

I know many of our ladies that attend Oasis are also in the venerable group and will probably be spending a lot more time at home.  Partners may like that, having their other halves back to do all those jobs around the house and garden which they promised they would do, but never did.

I remember all those years when I was a closet cross-dressers, desperate to go out and be proud.  So with social distancing I suppose I shall become one again, dressing more at home, in the garden and walks out. (but remember –  only one a day!)

I did hear that if kids are off school for too long then the parents will have developed the vaccine before the scientists!

So here is a round up of what some of our ladies have been doing in this forced isolation.

  • Vicky is tidying her wardrobe and decided what goes and what doesn’t.
  • Lilly is looking after her mother in France on forced isolation.
  • Serena is busy in the garden and looking after her bees.
  • Dawn is considering getting in two walks a day, one as Dawn and the other as him.
  • Phyllis wants all the ladies to know she is thinking of them.
  • Denise is being a nurse to Sandra who has a broken ankle.
  • Michelle is catching up with work at home and spending more time with her son.
  • Joanna is on garden maintenance duties and concrete breaking and semi dressing in the evenings.
  • Petra is taking long bike rides in the countryside.
  • Theresa is working from home – she says she always wanted to wear a skirt for work!
  • Amanda and Vicki have offered to be phone pals for people that want a chat.

What are you doing?

I’ve managed to get the last delivery from my local building firm before the shut down so I can get all the garden jobs done.  Then I start on the house.

I suppose if you want to dress to go for those essential errands consider doing what was on social media at the beginning of this epidemic. (any plastic bucket will do!)

With the likelihood of no meeting in the foreseeable future are you interested in writing something to go in a post?  A note about how your coping with social distancing, or what Oasis means to you.  If you do contact us here, or add your comments at the bottom of this post.


For details about Covid-19 and Oasis meetings click here







2 thoughts on “March Oasis Blog

  1. bought a classic car to restore hoped it to take a few years to do probably finish before the self isolation finished alr

  2. People are asking will the country be the same again, of course it bloody well will be. let’s make it fabulous, let’s have the biggest OASIS Group End of Covid19 Party.
    All members present and past should be invited, we l need a band so what about asking Julia’s band to play and entertain us.
    Dress should be optional just as long as it’s a 1920’s so I can wear my 1920’s dress unworn for the last four years or so.
    Stay safe everyone.

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