Lilly’s Story

Here is my story, Lilly’s tale, as told through the medium of my desert island disc selections. ‘DID’ can be heard on BBC Radio 4, nine o’clock each Friday morning, it’s a long running and always interesting show. I rarely stray too far from the radio or my Spotify account. Music is the sound track … More Lilly’s Story

May Oasis Blog

Being clinically vulnerable and therefore on lockdown I do miss many things.  Meeting friends, visiting restaurants and going to the theatre.  I’m even missing “the middle of Lidl”! I’ve sorted my summer outfits recently, but not certain where and when I’m going to be able wear them, except around the garden. I’m also missing getting … More May Oasis Blog

Geri’s Story

I started cross dressing when I was very young. I can’t be certain when, but I was still at junior school, so, was probably about ten; around 1956. My family shared a three-storey, Victorian, terraced house in North London with my maternal grandmother. The first items of clothing I tried on were stockings and suspenders. … More Geri’s Story

Vicky’s Story

Covid-19 and me Since the lockdown, which now seems such a long time ago, I have been on furlough as I work in a coffee shop. During this time, I have found it surprising easy to adopt new routines. It’s good for the soul to eat fresh baking bread (though sourcing ingredients are difficult). Cooking … More Vicky’s Story