Phyllis and Oasis

Following on from Denise’s story, Phyllis a great supporter of Oasis wanted to tell us her story.

I remember the first time we were introduced to Denise.
John phoned us to say he needed to have a chat . We were a bit worried as he sounded upset. When he came in he showed us a photo. We knew he never had a sister so we were puzzled. He then told us It was a photo of him as Denise.
He was worried that it may have made a difference to our friendship. Barry (Phyllis’s husband) had known him for a number of years. Barry being a police officer and John being in security.
I have to admit it was a bit of a shock. We had a long chat and we told him he was still the same to us whether he was Denise or John.

Then we became involved with Oasis.
The club were having a 40’s evening and John asked if we would help. We didn’t hesitate before saying yes. Just before the 40’s evening he asked if Denise could visit us. I am ashamed to say we were very nervous about the first meeting and regrettably said we weren’t ready to meet her.
On the night we went round to John’s house to prepare to leave. We sat outside and I was so nervous about going in. When we entered the house Denise stood there in all her glory and she looked really good.

We made our way over to Oasis. We have never looked back. We really enjoyed the evening and have been attending ever since. They are all a great crowd of people and we always enjoy their company.

Roll on when we can all get back together again. It will be a night of celebration.

Phyllis and Barry

3 thoughts on “Phyllis and Oasis

  1. Hi Phyllis
    Thank you for sharing your Oasis story. It is two years this month since my first meeting; I vividly remember how kind you were to me, so encouraging and you have been ever since. A big thank you to you and to Barry for everything you do for us. The place wouldn’t be same without you both.
    Love, Lilly x

  2. Phyllis and Barry are a really lovely couple and Barry looks so handsome in his naval uniform, (please don’t slap me Phyllis!)

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