Oasis Enchanted Journey

December calendar looking a bit empty this year! Every fancied an enchanted journey of light?

Your journey will begin in the main auditorium, an all new indoor Wonderland Trail: a maze of engines, fairy-tale characters and an immersive experience of light and sound including one of the UK’s biggest kinetic light displays. Wander through an enchanted trail partitioned by magical steam engines and marvel at the vast decorations covering each corner of the building!

Interested? Your journey continues as you venture outside to a 4 acre Lantern Light Extravaganzaa beautifulbreath-taking festival of luminous sculptures, from a fantasy forest of jungle animals to the wilds of the North Pole. Let it snow!

No it’s not Theresa’s back garden!  Thursford are holding the Enchanted Journey of Light as a one-off event for 2020, after sadly having to postpone the Christmas Spectacular until 2021 due to Covid-19.

The plan is to visit this event on Friday 4th December for a booked slot of 4.45pm. The tickets cost £15. Beware tickets are selling fast. If your interested in joining her you will need to book a slot on that evening(click on this link).  slots can be booked every 5 minutes.  Please observe the ‘rule of six‘.  I’m sure there may be other groups of Oasis ladies who might happen to meet (socially distanced) during the evening at the Garden Pavilion café!

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