LGBT+ group meet for people with learning disabilities

I have been contacted by Hayley who is a self advocate involved in a local organisation  called Opening Doors.  She has asked us to advertise a new LGBT+ group that she is setting up for people with learning difficulties.  This will be initially (during the pandemic) a zoom group.

If anyone wants to join they can give us an email/call/message then we can share the zoom code and we will know to let them in to the waiting room.

They’re first meeting is on Monday 15th February, with meeting occurring every 2 weeks.  They are on twitter and Facebook. (google OpeningDoorsLD).  Click on the image for more info.


One thought on “LGBT+ group meet for people with learning disabilities

  1. The website was off the air this morning (Friday 12) but the email address seems to still be functional (do a search on the organisation)

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