Oasis celebrates World Book Day

March 2nd marks World Book Day, a day that celebrates the wonderful world of books, with a particular focus on encouraging children to read. At our March Oasis on 18th March, we invite our members to celebrate too, possibly by engaging their inner child by dressing as their favourite character from a book.
At the center of the evening, Serena will be performing her amazing Talking Head piece, ‘Ken, To Be Destroyed’.
After which, you are invited to tell us about your treasured piece of literature. It can be your most loved book or author, fiction or non-fiction, of whatever genre; Shakespeare to Mills and Boon, though possibly no wizard school nonsense.

If you don’t read novels, how about a poem? Geri promises us a poetry recital. If books are not your thing, how about song lyrics? After all, Bob Dylan won the Noble Prize for Literature a few years back. The choice is yours, if it is some writing you love, share it, we would love to hear about it and add to our reading lists.
I am mindful that many of our members suffer from dyslexia, and perhaps reading has been a lifelong struggle. We do understand, I’ve had my own challenges. Nobody will be under pressure to do or say anything, just come and enjoy spending time with the group.
There will also be time to natter and catch up with friends. Our last two meetings have been very full, so we promise a slower pace, that wouldn’t be out of place in a library.
The dress code is Miss Marple to Wonderwomen, Jane Eyre to Bridget Jones, or simply the main character from your autobiography.
Food will be a ‘Ladies Food’ night so please bring something sweet and savory.
Entry will be free.

Looking forward to seeing you all.
Now did I write this or was it Chat GBT? What do you think?

One thought on “Oasis celebrates World Book Day

  1. I’m sure this will be an interesting and entertaining evening.
    My favourite books:
    Treasure Island.
    Cider with Rosie.
    Dissolution. (Of the monasteries).

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