Wroxham Barns

Wroxham Barns looks like a great place to shop, drink tea and eat cake, seems like an ideal place for some retail therapy and a March Oasis outing, so let’s go.


Would be great to see a good turnout on Friday 31st March, suggestion is to meet in the Courtyard café at 11:00am for brunch before browsing the various arts, crafts and clothes shops, can’t wait to visit Lady B Loves 💃

Later in the day, Lorraine and I will be treating ourselves to the Wroxham Barns afternoon tea, if you would like to join us you’ll need to book yourself, online in advance with a £5.00 deposit, of course if you don’t wish to go for the whole afternoon tea option there’ll still be plenty of time to sit and chat at a time to suit yourselves. We will book our tea for 2:30pm which should allow a couple of hours shopping time.

Really looking forward to this day out and spending time with Oasis friends old and new, for me this day will be the first of many days out during the coming spring and summer season which hopefully will include different open gardens and other outdoor activities.

Meanwhile this venue looks fairly weatherproof so quite a safe bet for March.

See you there

Theresa x

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