Barbara Ross Association

BABS1In the last few years of her life, Barbara Ross OBE became increasingly concerned that the work that she had been doing in the Transgender Field, Counseling, running the twice monthly Oasis Self-help Group and organizing the Biennial Conferences might fall-by-the-way-side when she was no longer able to do the work needed to keep everything going.
Accordingly a number of people came together to form the Barbara Ross Association to progressively take the burden off Barbara’s shoulders.
Initially, the Association took on the running of the Biennial Transgender Conferences: A sub-committee successfully organized TG07, TG09, TG10, TG12 & then a younger committee Trans*2014. Now Trans*2016 is being planned.
Additionally, another sub-committee took on one of the Oasis meetings, which now runs successfully at a hall near to Barbara’s former home on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
We are indebted to Barbara for all the work that she did for the Transgender Community. We would be grateful for the support of anyone who is interested in or concerned with transgender issues and in particular those who would like to see Barbara’s work continued in to the future.

Objectives of BRA
Raise awareness and understanding of gender dysphoriaProvide advice and information for the transgendered and when required for their families; and for those who are uncertain of or questioning their sexuality or gender identity

Provide opportunities for transgendered persons to meet each other and socialise in a safe, liberating and non-judgmental environment and, when required, to provide the same opportunities for their families

Represent the views of the transgendered community and their families to all relevant bodies

Liaise with other organizations with a social, welfare or campaigning function on issues relating to gender dysphoria

Promote the equal treatment of and the rights of the transgendered and their families

Organize conferences, training, and awareness raising events.

Please join us and help with this important work.

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