Events 2023

Saturday 18th February

Diane Simpson’s Graphology Evening

1Feb1A brief introduction to Graphology, a personality assessment via the analysis of writing. This interactive talk takes the audience on a stroll through the mind of a criminal to how to write with your ‘wrong’ hand. This includes the opportunity for every member of the audience to take a look at what their writing reveals.
Food – Fish and Chips organised by Theresa
Dress Code – That Valentines’ vibe

Saturday 18th March

World Book Night

1March1Come as your favourite book character, and tell us about your favourite book, song or poem
Featuring Serena’s amazing Talking Head, ‘Ken, To Be Destroyed’.
Food – Ladies Food Night
Dress code – your favourite character or the main character from your autobiography.

Saturday 15th April

Jane Bishop’s One Woman Show “My Life as a Bluebell Girl!”

1Apr1A talk and show by this amazing woman; from cabaret artiste, ‘Can-Can’ dancer, singer, magician’s assistant, Mum to dinner lady, Jane has done it all. Jane tells her story, illustrated by songs and poems.
The evening will include an Easter themed raffle, to raise money for the Norfolk Lilac Ladies (Ladies In League Against Cancer).
Food – Lilly’s British Tapas
Dress Code – Lilac, it’s cabaret night!

Saturday 20th May

Fashion Night

A fashion show and clothing sale by our old friends M&Co. A chance for some to try walking the catwalk. Bring your purses and credit cards!
Food – Provided by Amy
Dress Code – Before or after? You choose before or after your makeover.

Saturday 17th June

The Flaming June BBQ

1June1A chance to mingle and chat, whilst Serena ‘womens’ her barbecue in the car park, pitch in to make this a fun evening. What could possibly go wrong?
Food – BBQ by Serena
Fire Marshall – Rachel
Dress Code – Summer Frocks

There will be a talk by Mark about his F2M gender journey.

Saturday 15th July

Make Over Night

1July1Makeup up artist Dionne will take us a range of makeup skills,
Food – Ladies Food Night
Dress Code – your most favourite item of clothing

Saturday 19th August

Carole’s Big Summer Quiz

1Aug1Sharpen your brain and your pencils as Carole will test us with a range of topics and conundrums. Who will be the winning team? No googling though!
We will also hold our summer raffle.
Food – Individual Picnics
Dress Code – picnic blankets, something warm and an umbrella, it is the English summer after all

Saturday 16th September

Essex Girls Race Night

1Sept1A trip to Walthamstow Dog (6 races) and then a trip to Charlie Chans Night Club with DJ Dee Starr
Food – Hot Dogs by Lilly
Dress Code – Essex Girl Chic including a false tan for those that dare!

Saturday 21st October

Halloween Night

1Oct1Once again Tina will treat us to a hot winter stew and a creepy ambience.
Have fun with Lilly’s Halloween Quiz and open your purses for our Halloween Raffle
Food – by Tina, pudding by Lilly
Dress code – green, blue, yellow, orange anything but black!

Saturday 18th November

Calligraphy Evening

1Nov1Enjoy an introduction to calligraphy by our very own Ms Serena James.
Dee will also give us an overview of her model train collection.
Food – Rachel’s Sausage and Mash
Dress Code – Heavy Metal Night, Purple, Crimson, Black or Pink (Deep Purple, King Crimson, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd)

Saturday 16th December

So here it is Merry Christmas

With our Christmas Quiz
Food – Ladies Food Night
Dress code – Red, gold, silver and bronze