LGBT Carol Service

Our last Oasis outing of 2017 was the chance to sing out our voices at the annual LGBT Carol service, which had been running for over 20 years, at St Johns on Timberhill in Norwich.

Although, through a variety of reasons, numbers attending from Oasis were lower than previous years, the church was packed, with additional seating needed, and the atmosphere was wonderful.

At the end of the service, there was a chance to meet people we hadn’t seen for some time, have a mince pie and quick cuppa and then decamped to Bella Italia where we finished the evening with a meal and more chat


Saturday 9th December

Oasis Christmas Meal

Festive activities began in earnest for Oasis on Saturday 9th December where 21 members and guest of the group assembled at the Black Swan in Horsham St Faith for their annual Christmas meal.  It was a new venue this year, this time, on the northern side of the city.

When you get off the main roads and start travelling along the country roads, particular in remotest Norfolk, it becomes quite difficult to find places, much to the annoyance of two people who were wandering around the church and village for about 30 minutes completely lost!

We all met up in the bar where we chatted about the possibilities of the forthcoming snow and then moved to where we were seated, in a corner or the restaurant, where the attentive staff fed us large quantities of delicious food.  The room was cosy with all of us seated but in retrospect the fact that some of us had to get up and shift around to allow others to go to the loo was probably good for our digestions.


As usual we were a very well dressed lot! The colour red was very popular and I particularly noticed some very elegant footwear (notably Rachel and Geri). Vicki’s hair was a triumph and honourable mention should be made of Joanna’s elegant grey locks! Beccie was in a stunning red velour dress, but no one noticed that!!

Thanks to Julia and Tina who liaised with the pub and collected the money. and provided us with very pretty place names (what is that typeface? it was lovely).

We look forward to next year.


18th November 2017

Spanish Race Night

Before the race night I think I only ever won one thing before. That was a very different setting as I felt the cold running up my feet from the tiles on the side of the swimming pool.  Still it was such a warm feeling inside  seeing my name on the certificate for completing successful the width of the local municipal swimming pool. I’ve treasured that certificate all those years, but at last I can replace it with my new certificate for winning the best dressed Spanish Race Night outfit.  At last I’ve been appreciated for all I do!

I’ve got to be honest I was under a lot of pressure from some stiff competition. Geri was in a traditional Spanish outfit with everything matching as if she’d jetted to Spain and picked up the outfit, not slung it together with items from eBay. I reckon even Tina,dressed as the horse running in the 8.20 from Haydock, had a better chance! There was certainly a peppering of hot Spanish colours and a plethora of fascinators and hats.  I know Serena, who spends far too much time for her own good, researching and planning for all the special events was certain to scoop the prize.

Well prompt as ever the ladies were in the enclosures and the horses were off for the first race. After 3 races we tucked into paella and mixed dressed salad followed by a Spanish lemon olive oil cake with cream and raspberries.  Finally they tucked into “My Little Pony” homemade biscuits. Thanks go again to Ann and Vicky.

It was a very busy night with judging of the best outfit, a raffle and the Children in Need sweepstakes which raised £35.

Congratulations go to Jenny for having the most money after the last race and as the runner-up with Geri for the best outfit.

21st October 2017

An Evening of Celebrations and Thanks

This year we celebrated our annual Bangers and Mash sit down waitress meal with the company of 33 Oasis members.  This evening could not have happened without the hard work of Ann and Vicky in preparing the meal. So we must first say thanks to them for their tireless support they have given to Oasis over the last 9 years.

Joanna was celebrating being one of our longest serving waitress. She served with professionalism moving skillfully around the room.  Not a sausage or pea managed to find itself on the floor!

We were also celebrating the welcome return of Jill and Alice, who had travelled from London to visit our group. We met them both at the Northern Concord Ringwood weekend and later when Oasis went to see Kinky Boots in London.

Hazel was celebrating coming to Oasis for the first time. It is so nice to see new people come to the group. Hazel didn’t just live down the road but planned her visit by driving her touring caravan from Essex to a Norwich site.  So we thank her for that, and so pleased was she that we are expecting to see her at our annual Oasis Christmas meal at a restaurant in Norwich.

Chatted and banter weaved its way through the evening as our diners consumed the main course followed by the mini pavlova or apple crumble and viewed the events and activities on offer next year.

Thanks go to Geri, a relative new member of oasis, for organising for a make-up artist to visit Oasis in March next year.

Thanks also to to Phyllis, Barry and Denise, who have agreed to front an ever popular, 40s evening in May next year.

Oasis is an interesting group.  Some of our ladies attend for just one or two sessions and decide it’s not the group for them ( probably the music TOO loud of the bar prices are too expensive!) Other stay and become supporters of our other ladies and enjoy the variety of activities that Vicky, Ann and Beccie put together each year.

Serena and Laura are two such people who were celebrating milestones at Oasis this month.

Five year ago Serena came to Oasis, nervous and fragile.  Now five years on she has matured and flourished and a great supported of the group and disappointingly keeps winning the best dressed competitions! We thank her for continued offer to do the food at the September Oasis evening next year.

Laura celebrated her third anniversary of attending our group.  Laura is one of our younger members, who is a breath of fresh air,and makes us all feel a little bit younger being around her. Coming to Oasis and meeting other has clearly giving her more confidence. She is also hoping to celebrate her first 100% attendance for 2017 in December.

I would like to think that in this fast moving world Oasis is still that place where we can be ourselves, develop our skills and female persona, and meet others who become lasting friends. Where we can feel comfortable in a supportive environment.

Finally and most importantly we thank our founder, Barbara Ross, for having the insight to create an Oasis Transgender support group over 30 years ago. Long may we remember her.

16th September 2017

Meal, Music and Prose

There’s two things that I regretted as I was growing up. One, obviously was not being more out and about as Beccie but the other was not learning to play a musical instruments.  I had a dabble with a flute and a guitar (not at the same time mind!) But learning music proved impossible for me. “FACE” was fine but “Every Good Boy Does Fine” completely confused me as I was a Girl!!

So it was even more pleasing when Serena asked if she could invite along her landlady Jaya and her friend Bridget to perform a musical soirée.

All in all it was a great night, starting with a wonderful spread provided by Venetia and Serena and followed by some harmonic music on cello and recorder from Jaya and Bridget.

We were also privileged to hear some poetry from Serena and Carol ( who had travelled all the way from Sussex) interspersed with the music.

Look out for the Oasis Talent Show next year – a chance for all those ladies with a talent to shine!


19th August 2017

Chip and Quiz

What better than to follow the beach party last month with our annual chip and quiz event. There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach followed by fish and chips out of a newspaper!

With an attendance of over 35 ladies it was promising to be a great evening. Cars were jammed like sardines into the car park as lady upon lady came through the doors fishing for compliments.

Joanna, who is a dab hand at collecting the entrance charge, welcomed them.She pointed out to them where they were sitting, some disappointed they weren’t on the captain’s (Bird’s Eye) table. Still there was plenty of liquid refreshment for them to drink  like a fish!

Still at Oasis, everyone is welcome as we can cast away our troubles at least for the evening. There is always a friendly face who has experienced similar thoughts. Lindsey our newcomer, who at first felt like a fish out of water, was already feeling at home in a school of other familiar faces.

Our meals arrived and our resident chefs sorted out who was having what. “Holy mackerel! “Vicky cried, “everyone got what they ordered.” The economy of scale made it a cheap skate evening and everyone was as happy as a clam.

Puddings followed along with the raffle. Winning ladies were astounded by the selection of prizes. The world was their oyster!

Vicky then administered her annual quiz, not on all things fishy but this time based on the names of objects, sayings etc. from the past. We all rose to the bait!

Beccie had revised all week on every type of fish imaginable only to be disappointed (yet again!) with no chance of getting the prize. She was certainly done like a kipper with not a single red herring to be seen!

I think, all in all, everyone had a whale of a time!!

15th July 2017

Beach Party

Never trust building supplies! They just let you down when you need them the most. The ton of sharp sand had been ordered for weeks. The plan including paddling pools, sandcastles, deck chair area, barbeque and bar had been discussed over many months, but alas in the end Oasis had to settle for a “taste” of the beach with umbrellas, balls, and a child’s swimming ring.

Still the hall had beach bunting, fancy flashing lights, matching plates and serviettes and a turn out of over 30 people.

Ann has worked tirelessly to lay on a fantastic spread of typical summer beach food of ploughman’s and fruit. Oasis thanked her for this.

It is always difficult to tell what outfits we would be expecting at the beach. It had been such a lovely day but the evening was chilly, and not conducive to bikini wear.

Claire, one of our ladies was having trouble parking her victorian bathing carriage outside. Jenny however came to her aid looking regal in an Indian summer style outfit ensemble. Talulah from Hawaii (aka Beccie) in her grass skirt, that swished in the summer breeze, was already preening herself for the parade.

Carole had arrived in a beautiful long beach outfit, so colourful with a matching hat looking elevate as she cooked under the sun shade from the bright piecing hall lights.  Glinda had a lovely colourful outfit. A Lindy bop style dress. An ideal dress if you want a sea breeze to keep the undercarriage cool!

Heads turned as Rachel arrived. Again in a Lindy bop dress, but so matched to the occasion with seagull playfully darting across her torso and swooping down for titbits on the Brighton sea front printed along the entire length of her hem.  I could even make out the penthouse flat Vicky and I stopped in!  Misha and Amber were in red outfits, elegantly dressed for a more formal day at the beach.

Finally, so as not to be outdone by anyone else, Serena arrived in a polkadot swimsuit and integral modesty skirt (thank God!) with matching red shoes and hat. I’m certain she must have borrowed her legs from a modelling agency!

Judging and voting took place in time honoured fashion as was the remotest chance that Talulah was going to sweep the first or any prize!

Claire in her victorian outfit was the  outright winner with Rachel in her Brighton sea view outfit a second place and finally  in third place was Serena in her polkadot swimsuit.

Well done to everything who took part.

Talulah (aka Beccie) was last seen forcing her outfit through the shredder!

Fashion Show

Saturday 17th June

Our June Oasis meeting was an opportunity for some our ladies to strut themselves on the cat walk with clothes supplied by M & Co, a well know clothing retail outlet. No sooner had Beth and Emma set the stall up, some of our ladies were fishing for the reduced bargains and reserving their outfits.

It was a ladies food night and thanks to to all who attended for providing items of either savory or sweets.

After our evening meal, the fashion models assembled in the octagon room for the final briefing from Beth and Emma. They were Joanna, Claire, Misha, Rosie, Laura and the georgous Beccie. Although there was a degree of calm on the catwalk as each lady strolled elegantly down as Emma described the outfit and the prices and Jules did the photo-shoot for the next edition of Hello magazine, it was far from that in the changing room.

It being the hottest Saturday of the year, outfits stuck like glue to the models, and clothes were flying in all directions as each model did a quick change for each session. At the end of the fashion show it look like the last day of the sales at Primark!

Of course Beccie being as ever the professional had none of these problems and wowed the audience as usually with both her presence and props.

Look out for the new face of M & Co in the adverts and on television!

We can but dream!!

French Evening

Saturday 18th May

This month we celebrated our French evening at Oasis. Our two chefs created culinary delights that would not be out of place on the menus of the best Parisian restaurants such as  Pierre Gagnaire, or  restaurant Joséphine Chez Dumonet (I’m sure you know them well!).

The hall was decorated in bunting depicting the colours of the French flag  – tricolore and we were graced by the presence of Joan of Arc, Fefe and Meme two French maids, a young Calais refugee, Paulette, Marcel  Marceau gorgeous sister of the famous mime artist and Yvette from Allo Allo to name but a few!

All in all, the soiree was going to turn out to be par excellence!

At huit heures our chef’s served french onion soup with a croque-monsieur followed by a dessert of a choux bun with a coating of the finest Belgium chocolate.

With our taste buds still reeling from our meal came the parade of French beauties.

First up was Joan of Arc, resplendent in her regalia and carrying her banner, which had been hand stitched by Joan with meticulous detail while in prison awaiting her fate. Clearly she had put in considerable work in the hope of scooping first prize. Fat chance of that, as it was going to someone more deserving – Beccie!

Then we had Fefe and Meme the two French maids, who just happened to have an outfit at the back of their wardrobes. Both trying to outdo each other in who can flash the most legs!

Next up was Glinda a refugees, exiled from the Calais camp on the northern coast of France and commonly known as the Jungle! She had stories to tell of her intrepid escape across the English channel strapped to the trans-drive bearings of a 40 ton artic.

What an honour it was to be in the company of Marcel Marceau younger sister Paulette who had trained with him and demonstrated the same “art of silence” as she moved herself around the invisible glass cube.

Finally we had a very illumination performance from Yvette Carte-Blanche, from La Résistance, who had concealed about her person a revolver, a picture of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobie, and her pièce de résistance by revealing her tutu in the colours of the trans movement – was there no stopping this charleton!

The winner of our little soiree was Yvette, followed by our Joan ( of Arc) and 3rd place was Meme. Well done to all who entered into the spirit of the evening.

Fefe (aka Beccie) was yet again dashed at the final post by Meme in an outfit that was far inferior to hers! At least hers came from a reputable shop – Ann Summers!

Is there no justice in this world!

Great British Garden Party

Saturday 22nd April

This month Oasis held a great British Garden Party event where our ladies were asked to prepare and bring an item of savory or dessert to be judged.

About 8 people took part in this event. There were cakes decorated to a woodland scene, a large tray of savory delight with Oasis written using coloured rice in the trans colours, sandwiches, sausage rolls and many other delights.

Clearly our ladies were, underneath that rouge, false eyelashes, polyfilla and reinforcement underwear, not only good cooks but capable of producing some excellent outcomes.

Our two resident chefs Ann and Vicky were the judges, and they deliberated, cogitated, smelt, dissected, crunched, squeezed and tasted the different items before deciding on who should be the winners and runners up in the two categories.

Their decision was based on both presentation and taste, and as usual judge’s decision was final.

We were also delighted to be entertained by one of our regular Oasis ladies to a magic show. Glinda is a natural entertainer, and we were spell- bound by her rope and card tricks. Unfortunately she wasn’t willing to saw the lady in half.


All in all it was another great night at Oasis.

60s Night

Saturday 18th March

Beccie knew it wasn’t going to be like any other Oasis night. For one thing Alice and Jill from London were coming. Marci a new lady would be there. Jenny and Kate would be doing the food for the last time. But more importantly Beccie was going to win the best 60s outfit.

She had missed out at other nights by Serena as “Cruella de Ville” or Vicky’s “Union Jack outfit” on the Queen’s​ birthday or Claire in a stunning outfit for the Ascot Race evening. Surely it was Beccie’s turn, surely it was time fortune shone on her..And don’t keep calling her surely!!

Everything was going fine, people were arriving and then suddenly “The competition” arrived, Davina as “Georgy Girl” straight from Carnaby Street and Vicky in her “Go Go” outfit. Then came two cool dude’s Jules and Claire in matching outfits.

But she knew she was safe, with her Mary Quant block pattern shift dress and matching white tights. Of course she would be picked, after all she runs Oasis, that would swing in her favour.

The evening went well, with excellent food from Kate and Jenny for mains and dessert. All that was left was for Beccie to win the “ Best 60s outfit”.

The parade took place and the votes were in. Beccie prepared her winning speach and waited to be called out from the kitchen.

Beccie unfortunately stayed in the kitchen scrubbing and cleaning for the rest of the night while the winners received their prizes, vouchers and photos.

Another great Oasis evening for everyone EXCEPT for Beccie!