Trip Reviews

Life an adventure! Dress Accordingly!

On Thursday the 22nd of February I was joined by Beccie and Clare to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at The Open, a venue near Tombland in Norwich. The show was produced by the Sound Ideas Theatre Company based in Norwich, an innovative theatre company based in Norwich.

We started the evening off with an Italian meal at Prezzo, then toddled off to see what we knew was a great show close to all our hearts. The story of three trans friends on a fun filled road trip to Alice Springs in Australia.

Girls like to have fun!

The staging, costumes and acting was outstanding – with songs such as “It’s Raining Men, What’s Love Got to do with it, Girls Just Want to have Fun and True Colours.  How do you get a full size bus on a stage?

We have to say it was a fantastic show in a packed theatre, alas we were the only “T’s” of LGBT there to our knowledge, but really felt at home until Beccie and I were addressed as “Sir” by one of the bar and production staff. (are they blind to beauty!) Alas society still has some way to go!

Clare, in her glamorous red dress, was by far the gorgeous one with Beccie and I, the ugly sisters!!!!!!

We finished the evening off with a late night drink at a local bar then home!

Girls you missed a great evening!! 


Norwich Theatre Trip to see La Cage aux Folles

I walked into the theatre and the thought hit me that I only knew 1 person who was going to be there!  I had been kindly invited via Facebook through the amazing Lizzie, who I met through the Pride Choir.   For a moment nerves gripped me, I had been brave enough to say I would join the Oasis group for a meal beforehand – now I felt worried.  There were two ladies in the lobby area, I took a chance that they might be part of the meal group and – well I just asked them if they were with the group organised by Julia.  That was my first good decision of the evening, the two ladies, Hannah and Serena were warm and friendly, and chatted while waiting for the others to arrive.  It was such a pleasure to meet Julia, she made me feel so welcome, and was wearing an absolutely gorgeous gold and black dress.


The meal was lovely, I sat next to Joanna who was super fun to chat to, and Beccie’s dry sense of humour kept me smiling! There was even another Vicky at the meal, although, with my 4ft 11inch stature the other Vicky was distinguishable from me by height! Another treat was seeing the very handsome dancers in the bar early in the evening….my regret was not being brave enough to ask for autographs!

The play completely lived up to my expectations, as I type it this morning in the university library I reflect on the dancing, the singing that blew my mind, the dresses, the feathers.  My ignorance that I didn’t know this was the origin of the wonderful song “I am what I am”.  I have never heard that song performed live, I hadn’t anticipated being taken from near tears at the beginning to triumphant joy at the end!  I felt emotionally carried throughout the musical, with the characters through their difficulties often built on others prejudice, or fear of prejudice through to a triumphant end where the main characters are united in loving acceptance.


To be honest that’s how I felt at the end, having my photo taken with the Oasis group.  On the surface I had no belonging to the group, I’m a rather shy mature psychology student who snapped up an opportunity to see a fantastic musical with a friend and her friends.  I was impressed with the performance, and blown away by the warm welcome I received and – I’m really looking forward to future adventures!

Vicky – Friend of Oasis

Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab!

On Thursday 14th September saw our next Oasis and friends outing, this time to see the ever popular Rocky Horror show at the Theatre Royal in Norwich.

rh-kemp1Julia, the camp commandant, assembled the troops with a roll call at  seventeen hundred hours in Kemp’s restaurant adjacent to the theatre. Half the group sat down to a meal in a variety of outfits that had many a head turning from the passers-by.  Magenta maid outfits were in abundance but anything goes at RHS as Vicky and Beccie proved.

We meet our remaining party, totalling 31,upstairs in the theatre and Julia introduced everyone. We had the Oasis, Banham Zoo, Litcham and Bread Source group.

Of course RHSs success is directly related to the narrator, and Steve Punt did us proud, controlling the usual outburst from the audience with his own witty remarks.

It was an excellent production as usual.


Again the credit for this trip has to go to Julia for her organisational skills, large overdraft limit on her credit card and meal spreadsheet.

We all look forward to the next planned outing in January to “La Cage Aux Folles” with a show stopping score that includes The Best of Times, Song on the Sand and I Am What I Am.



Oasis goes Kinky (Boots)!


Our journey began with an Oasis Executive Board meeting at Norwich railway station by our illustrious leader Julia who gave us the final details and timing of our great adventure!

Then it was embarkation with our luggage. The genetic-ladies of course packed light and sensible with tiny suitcases while the trans-ladies packed as if they were going on a 2 week vacation with enough spare outfits, tights and shoes to supply a beauty pageant!

June & Beccie deciding where to hide the cakes!
June & Beccie deciding where to hide the cakes next!

Vicky had very kindly supplied an array of delicious cakes made by her fair hand. They were enjoyed by everyone many times over on the journey to London.  Some people even popping extra portion into their pockets, knickers and handbags for a midnight feast at the hotel later and to sell at Convent Garden on Saturday to pay for the trip!

Finally after a small problem with contactless and Oyster cards and having the right change from some of the technophobic ladies we checked into the Travelodge at Covent Garden and prepared ourselves for the evening.

I suppose the steady downpour as we all assembled in the hotel lobby was a premonition of how the evening was going to pan out. Beccie and Vicky didn’t take their coats, as it would spoil the look, and after all we were going in a taxi! Could we get a taxi – no because the whole of London was also trying to get a taxi in the rain!

When the taxis arrived at Bella Italia opposite the Adelphia theatre purposely booked for convenience by Julia so 6” heels and skimpy outfits would not be a problem, our problems were just beginning – they were experiencing electrical problems and we had to be directed to the next branch a mile away.

That’s a mile away in pouring rain, with heels, skimpy outfits and tiny umbrellas. But for us girls “there’s no gain without pain!” The group eventually got there, despite losing the rear party temporarily at Covent Garden.  Julia came up trumps and negotiated a good discount on the meal!

Although it was another wet and cold walk back to the theatre the show was magnificent, and we had all soon forgotten the rain.

Kinky boots

Kinky Boots was absolutely fabulous, a lovely story, full of wonderful songs written by Cindi Lauper and beautiful costumes.  I’m sure all of the ladies, but in particular Vicki and Claire, would love to own all the pairs of Kinky Boots.

After the show Julia’s daughter, Beth, who had rushed straight from work to join us for the show, guided us to an appropriate but noisy wateringhole for after-theatre drinks to round off our eventful evening and, a little weary from our adventure, we stumbled back some on foot some by taxi, to our welcoming beds.

Next morning over breakfast we discussed how we would spend the remaining time left in London, Antonia and Stephanie decided to visit The National Gallery while the rest of us went to Covent Garden. June, one of the ladies and our guide, took us on a trip down memory lane, to the very spot where she worked some 50 years ago – now an Italian restaurant.

The return trip back home was not without incident either as we had to change trains before leaving London due to a medical emergency. As the train neared the end of the journey we recounted the highlight, the ups and downs of such a wonderful trip and where we were going next –The Big Apple, Amsterdam, or perhaps the exclusive Lyceum in Skegness.

On the way home Beccie presented a scarf to Julia as a thank you on behalf of us all for organising the trip.

Well done Julia our Events Organiser – you have fully passed your probation! A huge thank you on behalf of all.

Jules and Beccie

Cinema Trip to see the Danish Girl.

On January 7th a group of us met in the Pizza Hut at the Riverside complex in Norwich for a meal prior to going to see the Danish Girl at the Odeon.
The table, booked for 12 soon proved to be inadequate as more and more Oasis ladies and partners arrived, in the end around 15 people turned up.

Danish Girl Outing

Conversation as always was lively and despite over-stretching the service at Pizza Hut everyone eventually  got their meal. The usual chaos ensued as we settled the bill but in the end the amount collected surpassed the amount required and the staff at Pizza hut were left with a generous tip!

Time to relocate to the cinema where despite all the hype surrounding the film we proved to be about 90% of the audience on that night.
The film was certainly not disappointing, the acting and direction were first class and the treatment off the subject matter extremely sensitive.  The film is based on the true story of Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander)and Einar/Lili Elbe (Eddie Redmayne).
During the film we watch the anguished attempts of both partners to come to terms with Lili’s gradual emergence. Alicia’s portrayal of Gerda is captivating, one of the most moving moments in the film is after Lil says ‘I believe I am woman” Gerde retorts “and I believe it too”.
Lili goes on to be one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery but in the end (although not explained in the film), it was the attempt to transplant a womb to make Lili  feel a ‘complete woman’ that killed her.
After the credits had rolled through and we had all dried our eyes and filtered out in the cold Norwich night in a subdued and thoughtful mood we went back to our different lives feeling perhaps that this film had moved the Trans cause just a little further forward.
A big thank you who came to share the experience.