Oasis Christmas Meeting

When Gemma told me that she was going to get her bathroom plumbing done at Christmas I concluded that was a euphemism for completing her transition. She said she wanted to combine the front and rear waterworks by using a vertical outlet! It was going to be a Rolls Royce of an operation.

So that unfortunately left me to put pen to paper and do the write up on the Festive activities this Christmas – but have no fear Gemma will be returning in the New Year with her improved suite!!

I cannot remember the last time Oasis celebrated such a heterogeneity of events during the latter part of 2015.

On Monday we all put on our best singing voices and performed to a packed church at the annual LGBT Carol Service at St Johns Timberhill. All of the usual culprits were in attendance, and it was nice to see some of our more recent attendees make the effort. What a wonderful service it was and so nice to hear one of the carols performed by the Pride Choir and a command performance from Lizzy.  Afterwards we decamped to Bella Italia. It was indeed a full house with a 22 of our Oasis group enjoying chat and good company.

Carol service 2015 c

On Thursday 17th December a group of 29 of us enjoyed each others company at the annual Oasis Christmas meal at Caistor Hall, just outside Norwich.  I am indebted to Julia for doing the bulk of the organising for this event, and the feedback from the evening has been very positive. The hotel was awash in glittering evening gowns and sparkly jewellery.

Caistor group1

Finally, on Saturday 19th December, we had our Oasis Festive Fun get together.  It was a record with 38 ladies, partners and friends that came along to our free meeting to enjoy the quiz and raffle run so professionally by the lovely Vicky.


“Ciao,buona sera senoras, benvenuto a la sera Italiano, come stai?”

Italian Evening – Saturday 14th November


Beccie’s welcome to the ladies arriving at our latest event.


Ferraris, Fiat 500s and Vespas cramming the car park, we gathered for our lively, pre-dinner chat, Prosecco and Chianti in abundance.

What a glamorous evening – Dolce and Gabbana prevailed. Not one for gossip but I did overhear  two ladies discussing their latest shopping spree in Milan!

Dinner was benissimo. A delicious choice of antipasto and pasta dishes followed by dream deserts. Zips were screaming as those determined to squeeze into size tens wished for some elastic!

A huge well done and thank you to Vicky and Ann for their sterling efforts and all the preparation involved.

Jenny also gave thanks to Beccie for her outstanding work and commitment over the past seven years.

Without these three stalwarts OASIS would not be what it is – we are all so indebted to you.

After dinner – the raffle. Generously donated prizes, the most notable – a romantic  gondola trip down the river Wensum, to the serenade, O’ Sole Mio by our very own gorgeous gondolieress –  Rosie.

The raffle raised £118 for Children in Need. Many thanks to all.

Beccie welcomed returning ladies and a special welcome to newcomers – Debbie and Julie, We all wish you well and look forward to meeting again.

Many thanks also to the many helpers in setting up and clearing up.

In all another great evening at OASIS

Arrivederci  e  Buona note.

 Vichyssoise,Chateaubriand, Tarte Tatin

Banger & Mash Evening – Saturday 17th October


Now if that was the menu for our latest OASIS gathering, wouldn’t that attract one of the biggest turnouts of the year .

No! A Bangers and Mash evening with crumble. Ok, question the dietary preference of the Anglian Sisters or rejoice in their joy of simple happy food.

Whatever, there was not a spare place to be had, countless left out, salivating and dejected.

We arrived to a beautifully bedecked dining room complete with a teasing selection of fine wines on the tables. The presentation, primarily the sterling efforts of Ann, for whom so many thanks are due.

Beccie introduced the evening by reminding us that this event last year was Barbara Ross’s last at OASIS and through her we are able to enjoy what we do.

We all raised a very thoughtful glass to Barbara.

The bangers and mash and puddings were outstanding, no need for brown sauce as the gravy was to die for. A huge thank you to head chef Vicky for her amazing, generous work in all the preparation before and expert delivery on the night.


Let us not forget the charming waitresses Kate and Joanna, not a plate or sausage on the floor and delivered to the tables with such poise and grace.

So generous the portions that Stephanie was spotted sneaking out to ease off the laces, her red face nothing to do with excess blusher!

Beccie’s after dinner speech highlighted recent media interest in transgenderism and that we have twelve new members in this past year with many other enquiries.

Where were the Caitlyns and Kellies forty years ago?

Beccie has now led OASIS for seven years together with outstanding support from Ann. We are all so grateful and indebted to them both, for their tremendous organisation and hard work much of that behind the scenes.

A raffle completed the evening with a generous selection of exciting prizes.

In addition to those mentioned, many thanks also to the many hands helping with setting up and clearing away.

In all, another great evening at OASIS.

How to beat Vicky’s quiz?

Get brain power, eat fish! – Saturday 15th August 2015

The theme for our latest OASIS gathering was a ‘Chip and Quiz’ evening.

A large turnout arrived to a formal, beautifully arranged table setting with a seating plan, a great idea which encourages mixing.

This time, the outside caterers were called in from a local but internationally renowned chippy providing a variety of choice. Rick Stein beware, Norwich could become the new Padstow!

A selection of fine wines accompanied the meal with each table having its own, self-appointed, Sommelier, guiding the ladies through judicious selection. Sumptuous deserts followed to satiate the appetite and put those magic knickers to the test.


Quiz Mistress, Vicky, then presented us with a most challenging, well prepared, quiz, covering a wide variety of topics. There was a bit of banter over some of the answers ( i.e. when does a goldfish become a carp?) but the QM’s decision was firm and resolute and gave no quarter.

Competition was intense with accusations of spying from adjacent teams but the atmosphere and humour was electrifying.

A tie break resulted, adding further excitement, with two teams in a deciding play-off. The winners, obviously devourers of fish, went off gleefully with the most extravagant of prizes – a three course seafood meal, of course!

Another great evening with overwhelming thanks to Ann, Beccie, Vicky and all the setteruppers, cleaneruppers and washeruppers.


Walk the Walk

Oasis Fashion Evening –  Saturday 13th June 2015

Have you ever thought how special it would be to walk the Catwalk, modelling the latest fashion, sporting gorgeous makeup, to rapturous applause, feeling someone and something else?

Well at our last OASIS meeting some of our ladies realised just that.

Facilitated by Annie, Kelly and Beth from M & Co we were treated to a fashion show with a difference.

They brought along a variety of dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans and accessories, cleverly selected to suit the occasion, in part, for the modelling and later for sale.

Two of our ladies, Carla and Petra were to have a makeover then join the other models; Beccie, Hannah, Joanna, Olivia and Vicky to strut their stuff.

Starting with the makeup session:  Annie emphasised the need for preparation.  Prior to shaving (for those who can’t bare the pain or cost of electrolysis!) it is essential  to use a men’s exfoliant for a closer shave and extending the dreaded five-o-clock shadow. This, to be followed by, again, men’s moisturizer, more suitable for thicker male skin. There are certain things we cannot escape from!

From there on to a suitable concealer to camouflage bearded and blemished areas prior to getting on with the real business; foundation, etc.. Crikey, it’s hard work being a woman and we haven’t had a wardrobe crisis yet!

By the end of the session, Carla and Petra looked stunning. Oh to have an Annie when the need calls, with a Kelly and Beth sorting out the frilly stuff. Just think ladies we could have another hours beauty sleep, wonder how the real Queen copes!

Next, the fashion show:  The models were given guidance as to the choice of outfits to suit their look and shape. Annie described the two basic shapes – ‘Column’ or ‘Curve’ (what happened to the ‘A’,’V’and ‘H’ shapes?).

Fashion Models

She also described how best to compliment that shape by judicious use of belts and tie dresses to emphasise and position the waist line and give impression of curve. The selection of neck jewellery can also take the eye away from the neckline.

Some models suited dresses while others more appropriate in skirts or trousers and tops.

Another good point was the use of waterfall style cardigans to conceal the more recognisable column shape especially those with an obvious liking of jam roly-poly and custard!

The models were also advised on how to walk the walk, and didn’t they do just that! The advice on how to pose wasn’t really necessary as they are all natural mistresses of that art!

The seven ladies paraded with such confidence, glamour, style and humour to grace any catwalk (Vanity Fair will, by now, heard of this – so watch out all you, so called, super models).

Of course, a certain lady, not to be named but aka Miss Congeniality (complete with cleverly concealed Colt 45 automatic) gave a most entertaining, if not characteristic, performance, only to be let down by failing to proclaim her stance on ‘World Peace’!

Annie concluded the show by advising of our welcome and helpful assistance at M & Co, and that ‘special’ appointments or evenings could be arranged.

Very many thanks to Annie, Kelly and Beth for a great evening, to the beautiful models and, of course to Miss Congeniality and her team.


“And They’re Off”

Ascot Race Evening – Saturday 20th June 2015

No! Not another Beccie special performance

Horses of course!

Yes –  An Ascot Night at the Races,

For the Ladies of Oasis.                      Sorry Wordsworth!

ascot group meeting

That was the theme for our latest  gathering , and what an occasion. Access to the ladies enclosure by, highly sought after special invitation, of course, welcomed in with lovely Aperitifs to put us in the mood.

And what a show! The most beautiful ladies sporting the most gorgeous apparel from the world’s most renowned designers. Not to mention the accessories!

Bliss! Not a male to be seen in the very exclusive enclosure ( there were unconfirmed reports of some trying to gate crash dressed as women, shame!)

Even the one and only, vetted and approved , tame paparazzi, was a lady, a real one this time. Thank you Sheila for your so discrete and professionally orchestrated photo shoots.

ascot outfit winners c

This year’s prize for the ‘Best Dressed Lady’ went to the most deserving and stunning, Hannah, a young debutante fresh out of Cheltenham.  No, not the race course, the Ladies College! A full length, wine coloured (and wine stained) dress, topped by a classy shrug and feminine fascinator, the whole ensemble carried with the grace and style of a proper lady!

The runners up were; Rachael, in a most fetching and very Ascot, pink lace dress, , and, of course, the lady of the evening – our Mistress of Ceremonies and outstanding Event Organiser – Beccie, in an outfit to die for, or in!

To soak up the cocktails, a scrumptious, barbeque style, repast. Presented by the 2016 winner of Celebrity Mistress Chef – Vicky. As always, so glam, wearing a cheeky little number with not a bead of perspiration, despite her amazing performance in the galley.

Huge thanks from all went to Vicky with a small token of our appreciation.

“And They’re Off”.

The tension in the enclosure was electrifying  – glamour, galloping horses and gambling (no gambolling was evident as all ladies were as restrained as horses in the paddocks).

Due to the current economic  policy of Quantitative Easing, the Bank of OASIS was easily formed and special banknotes were printed and generously distributed to the punters. Unfortunately it is understood that some of the ladies secreted some of this new and buoyant currency for a later holiday to Greece, shame!

The well-respected company of Turf Accountants, Ladyblokes, sent along a team of honourable and scrupulous Bookies – Beccie, Ann and Sian.

They wisely decided that, to avoid confusing the punters, and themselves, there would be no odds given for each horse and betting would be for winners only, the tote to be shared among the punters with the wining horse.

However some of the wiser punters realised that, by holding back placing their bets, an odds system was noticeable, betted accordingly and, successfully!  True to form and the competitive disposition of these ladies, this knowledge was not readily shared! All part of the fun!

bet winners


By stealth, cunning and judicious gambling, Gemma was the winning punter with fattest purse and stomach at the end of racing.  The runners up were, with equal guile, Jenny and Carla. We will all need bigger hand bags for the next Ascot night!

In all, a great evening with everyone a winner.

Humongous praise and thanks go to Beccie, Ann and Vicky for their excellent planning, preparation and hard work.