Ghost Story

This story starts with a ghost of an idea. Or the idea of a ghost. The ghost went unnoticed for a very long time. It was a very quiet little ghost and did it’s best to hide away. It had to hide as people would not understand it. Its spent a lots of time’s pretending … More Ghost Story

A Boy(?) grows up in a Sect: A True Story – Part 2

We continue Hazel’s story…..Missed part one read it here. So my school time passed on, with few friends as it was a pointless exercise, making friends. I would not be allowed to visit their houses or socialise with them in anyway, as they had TVs and radios which were “unclean”. A girl who I had … More A Boy(?) grows up in a Sect: A True Story – Part 2

Julie’s story

Julie contacted me early June interested in coming to Oasis.  I do hope we will be able to meet her on the “other side” of Covid-19.  She wanted to tell her story as an introduction to coming to Oasis. Lovely to have found you and made contact, my name is Julie, I have been travelling … More Julie’s story

Lana’s Story

LIFE BEGINS AT SEVENTY This article was first published 18 years ago in the FXG Bulletin produced by Mary Johnston. I “came out” in a small way, about a year ago. It was a heady feeling, very thrilling and exciting. I thought I would like to tell everyone about it. However, as I read more … More Lana’s Story

Lilly’s Story

Here is my story, Lilly’s tale, as told through the medium of my desert island disc selections. ‘DID’ can be heard on BBC Radio 4, nine o’clock each Friday morning, it’s a long running and always interesting show. I rarely stray too far from the radio or my Spotify account. Music is the sound track … More Lilly’s Story

Geri’s Story

I started cross dressing when I was very young. I can’t be certain when, but I was still at junior school, so, was probably about ten; around 1956. My family shared a three-storey, Victorian, terraced house in North London with my maternal grandmother. The first items of clothing I tried on were stockings and suspenders. … More Geri’s Story