Vicky’s Story

Covid-19 and me

Since the lockdown, which now seems such a long time ago, I have been on furlough as I work in a coffee shop. During this time, I have found it surprising easy to adopt new routines. It’s good for the soul to eat fresh baking bread (though sourcing ingredients are difficult). Cooking the family meals, different styles whether they like it or not, whiles away my time. Also my girls clothing has all been sorted, some destined for the charity shop or more likely the bin (knowing my style). My shoes all cleaned and sorted out in to different styles.

Oasis and me

I have been a member for 11 years and it has given me pleasure and pain. Happy times are sorting out my outfit for the evening and arranging the catering. Bad times are sometimes feeling totally out of place. I have always struggled with talking with people, I know, in large or small groups. So sometimes going to Oasis or related events can fill me with dread. However, I cope by finding things to do, cooking or outside for a cigarette. But, hey we all have a cross to bear! On the plus side I have meet some lovely people at Oasis, truly warm-hearted and gorgeous looking.

Dressing and me

I love dressing. It took me a long while to get a style and make up that I felt happy about. It’s probably a bit of the “drag” in me, that makes me want to stick out! Dressing for me is always a light at the end of the tunnel, when I am down and hating myself, dressing always makes me happy to be alive. Not really concerned with trying to pass only concerned with looking like a very stylish bloke in a dress! I feel, we as trans bods, bring a bit of colour to a somewhat dreary world!

Shoes and me

Why do I love my shoes so much? Why do I find a reason to buy yet another pair of black high heeled shiny shoes, that are so impractical to wander around in? Well because, of course, it makes me so happy.

Beccie and me

Been friends with her for 9 years, it took 2 years before she realised that I could cook. Oasis you are welcome! Do so admire her for her tireless efforts at Oasis and here God given ability to talk to anyone at great lengths. She has another great skill of totally believing in her ability to be mistaken for a real life woman any time she walks out her door dressed. I love her for that! I totally love Beccie’s wife, Annie for putting up with her, and still loving each other. Thank you both for being my friend x

The future and me

Looking so forward to doing some my favourite things …

Shopping, drinking coffee at Costa and wearing totally inappropriate clothes.

And of course going back to work … Sort off!

Be safe everybody

all my love. Vicky x

6 thoughts on “Vicky’s Story

  1. Dear Vicky, Alice and I have always loved your openness and honesty. No pretentious, just you. Alice sends her love and so do I. Carole

  2. Thank you, Vicky, for ‘baring your soul’. I found your story moving and uplifting. Why does life have to be so damned difficult?
    We love you at Oasis and your contribution, like Beccie’s, has been immense. I rely on your support.
    Keep buying the shoes! They are a great source of pleasure. Some of us were born to walk in heels!
    Looking forward to seeing you again when we we are ‘unlocked’.
    Much love,
    Serena 👠👡👢x

  3. Hi Vicky, Thank you for opening your heart. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you little by little, and now, I know just a tiny bit more. Thank you for everything you do for us.
    Race you to New Look, once we are released back into ‘real’ world!
    Love Lilly x

  4. Hi Vicky, Really enjoyed your story and just makes me want to get out dress after being lockdowned for so long.

    Just wondering, as my shoe supplier has recently closed down, where or which website do you buy your lovely shoes from?. I do not feel completely dressed with a pair of stiletto heels.

    Sorry as I am unable to join Oasis meetings, as still not convenient for me.

    Much Love Richendra

  5. Hello Richendra

    I buy majority of my shoes from Pleaser ( lots on eBay ) I personally buy one size bigger than my true size and from onlymaker ( they have there own website ) with these shoes I buy 2 sizes bigger . Hope this helps

  6. Hi Vicky.

    You always look good to me. I do envy you your shoes. I would love to wear ones like them but I would never be able to walk in them. All the best Vicky. Hope to see you soon. Phyllis and Barry
    PS By the way Barry doesn’t envy your shoes just me x

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