Oasis Sports News

It’s time for the Oasis Sports News. The end of January marked another amazing achievement by the world famous Trans Woman, comedian and marathon runner Eddie Izzard. Eddie, who is now using the pronoun ‘She’ and sporting rather lovely long blond hair, ran a marathon everyday on a treadmill; yes, 31 consecutive marathons without going … More Oasis Sports News

LGBT+ group meet for people with learning disabilities

I have been contacted by Hayley who is a self advocate involved in a local organisation  called Opening Doors.  She has asked us to advertise a new LGBT+ group that she is setting up for people with learning difficulties.  This will be initially (during the pandemic) a zoom group. If anyone wants to join they … More LGBT+ group meet for people with learning disabilities

Why history? The return of the closet

Sharing insights from the past that help us to make sense of the present. Same-sex desire has been, up until recently, a topic largely shrouded in shame, secrecy, and silence. As a result, it is often visualised through the image of ‘the closet,’ conveying notions of entrapment, protection, and potential liberation. In this event, Dominic … More Why history? The return of the closet

Oasis February Zoom

Dear Oasis ladies, partners and allies. Our monthly meeting for February is not until the 20th but I thought I would put out a post a bit earlier this month to flag up a few ideas. Obviously, we would all like to be meeting in person, but we can’t, and we are all extremely grateful … More Oasis February Zoom

January Oasis Blog

Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to lockdown 3. Have you had your vaccination yet? I know some of our more mature ladies have had theirs, while the rest of us wait patiently in the ever increasing queues. As I am one of the youngest members of Oasis (see image) so I won’t get … More January Oasis Blog