I came out as trans and made headlines!

Abigail Thorn created the popular YouTube channel Philosophy Tube, which has over 900,000 subscribers. Two months ago, she came out as transgender and overnight became one of the most high-profile transgender figures in the UK. She talks to LGBT Correspondent Ben Hunte about her coming out journey and the realities of being a trans woman … More I came out as trans and made headlines!

May Zoom

We are slowly getting there! When we zoom on 15th May, it will only be two days until the next significant relaxation of covid restrictions. That will enable us to meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors (weather permitting) or up to six or two family groups indoors. I hope we can then enjoy … More May Zoom

April Oasis Blog

This month has seen a country slowly emerging from a lockdown. With schools going back in March and non essential venues opening up soon after it is good to see that infection rates still seem low. Just recently we celebrated our ” half the UK population vaccinated” milestone, infection rates have fallen considerably as have … More April Oasis Blog

April Zoom

Dear Oasis ladies, partners, friends and allies, Our next Oasis zoom session will be at 7pm on Saturday, 17th April. We are continuing with the same format as in the last two meetings, so there will be three speakers, spaced throughout the evening, giving us plenty of time to chat in between. The theme for … More April Zoom

March Oasis Blog

Spring has arrived! The blossom is out, the clocks have sprung forward and Britain is emerging from hibernation. With a bit of luck we will see the return of the “rule of six” for meeting outside and the start of the Oasis  garden visits. Were hoping to kick off with the April visit to Thirgby Nature … More March Oasis Blog