White Wedding

Saturday 3rd September proved to be a perfect day for a white wedding, especially in the lovely little Church of St Gervase and St Protase, Little Plumstead.
After 18 years of marriage, Clive and Jules renewed their wedding vows in a beautiful ceremony led by The Reverend Darleen Plattin. Whilst issuing their solemn vows, Jules and Clive reflected on how they had overcome the trials and tribulations of life, enjoying the good times, whilst enduring the bad, through their love and devotion to each other.

The Oasis Clan!

Oh and what a picture; Jules and Clive both looked so beautiful in white, both wearing the same dress and suit they wore on their original wedding day. They were just stunning!

Bridesmaid Beccie

Of course every bride needs a beautiful bridesmaid, and Jules was no exception. We Oasis ladies were delighted to find that Jules had chosen our very own Beccie to carry out this role, which she did beautifully. For the rest of us Oasis members, the day provided the perfect opportunity to sport our finest dresses, highest heels and the odd hat or fascinator.

During the ceremony, we enjoyed some wonderful singing, which reminded us of Jules involvement with her choir and that Clive is currently taking singing lessons. This also provided perfect cover for those of tone death individuals amongst us. We also enjoyed the traditional wedding activities of posing for photographs, throwing confetti and lapping up the late summer warmth.
We continued the celebrations into the evening at The Village Inn, Little Melton, with bubbly, lovely savouries, cakes plus some truly awesome scones cooked by our Vicky. Thanks Vicky.
The tradition best man’s speak was delivered by the delightful Ray, resplendent in his very draper blue suit. The speech told us how Jules and Clive had met in the theatre, and their respective roles front and back of stage. Apparently Clive was amazingly skilled at building trains, boats and planes for various musical productions. Now that you secret is out, I wonder what Claire can build for Oasis?
Finally, the day was bought to a close with the tradition cutting of a scrumptious looking Wedding Cake.
As we left for home, Jules and Clive were still going strong, as is their marriage for many many years to come.
Jules and Claire, thank you allowing us to be part of such a wonderful day.
Lilly x