Oasis Felbrigg Friday

Friday August 26th, a pleasant late summer’s day, Oasis ladies and partners met at Felbrigg Hall and Gardens.

A good turnout on the day included Serena & Venetia, Lauren, Beccie, Lilly & Leslie, Claire, Jules & Pam, Katie, Rachel & Susan, Georgina, Lorraine & myself Theresa and not forgetting our mascot Penny.

The plan was to all meet at the Squire’s Pantry at 11:00am for a quick drink before heading off on one of the estate walks but with a combination of unforeseen delays and unhurried tea and chatter it was afternoon before we actually set off.

We split into two groups with one taking a shorter mobility scooter friendly route and the other group heading off on foot towards St Margaret’s church and the lake, I was with the former which was a pleasant walk through woods and cattle pasture with a clear view of the house.

Eventually we all arrived back at the café for lunch, after a bit of a struggle to re-arrange the furniture we all sat around one large table together in the warm sunshine and enjoyed the various light foods on offer, was a lovely lunch, the wasps enjoyed the food too.

Felbrigg has two main areas to view, the house and the walled gardens, the majority of the ladies were keen to see the gardens and headed there straight after lunch, Lorraine and Georgina headed off to the house while I remained at the café taking care of Penny, Beccie and Lauren sat with me chatting until Lorraine returned for Penny. We three hoped to visit the house but sadly last permitted entry was 3:00pm🤨 so, walled garden for us also, was actually very nice and included the typical kitchen garden used to sustain such large houses in years gone by. Some areas were functional and some were very pretty and ornamental.

To round off the day we all met once more at the café, some for more drinks and some to say their goodbyes, before we knew it we were the only customers left in the café, and of course the wasps, was not a good idea having a cream tea with jam 😬 

Was such a lovely place to visit and enjoy the company of such lovely people, most of us never got to see the house so hopefully there’ll be a Felbrigg part 2 sometime soon.

Theresa x