September Oasis

Our September Oasis meeting was a quiet intimate affair, in line with the national mood, as we mourned the death of our Queen. During the meeting we observed a minutes of silence, allowing us time to reflect on the end of the second Elizabethan age.
The one thing in life we can be certain of is change, as we contempt life with our new King and new PM, there are also changes at Oasis.
This was the last meeting with Serena at the head of our group, and during the meeting, Serena delivered her true legacy for Oasis. As part of the process of obtaining a lottery grant, Serena presented a new constitution for Oasis, which was accepted by the meeting. In future, our September meetings will also include our AGM. Please put this in your diaries for 2023.
Serena provided us with a lovely meal, and we had the bonus of a super duper pudding supplied by our very own Vicky. Like Beccie, Annie and Vicky before her, during her tenure, Serena’s commitment had never waned, even through those dark days of lockdown. I’m so pleased that our past leaders remain a significant part of the group,
Now one thing that I have learnt at Oasis is that one’s standards should never drop. With the voice of Lana ringing in my ears, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of washing up in heels! Standards ladies!