The Sainsbury Centre Visit (Some Bacon by no eggs).

As predicted by the weather app on Serena’s phone, Saturday 30th turned out to be a perfect day to visit The Sainsbury Centre at the UEA in Norwich.
On a bright Autumn day Serena, Rachel, Lauren, Dee, Amy and me met for a spot of culture, a leg stretch and a lot of chatting.
Assembling before lunch, we made a tour of the sculpture park. Now art is a funny thing; I guess most of us can see the beauty in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (no added tomato soup please), but a lump of rusty scrap iron less so. Modern sculpture is perhaps an acquired taste. Generally, it is something that I love, but I guess it’s the engineer in me, that I spent as much time admiring the welding or the quality of casting, as loving the scope of the art. Certainly, the Sculpture Park has so much to be admired, as does the award-winning brutalist architecture of the UEA student accommodation nearby. Le Corbusier or what!
The Salisbury Centre has a very nice restaurant, with an interesting mixture of cuisine. So after our little ramble and autocross (ie Lauren in a wheelchair), we took a spot of lunch followed by what we do best, natter!

After lunch, was a tour of the permanent collection in the main gallery, I was surprised by the number of portraits by the English painter Francis Bacon. To me, they are very ugly, which left me wondering if that was how Bacon saw the world. That was perhaps why he was famously an angry and unhappy man.
As the afternoon drew to a close there was time for tea, and you guessed it, more chat!
Art for art’s sake? Well, that is your decision but we heartily recommend a trip to Sainsburys.
See you all soon at a supermarket near you.