Oasis goes bump in the dark!

“Hubble Bubble
Toil and Trouble
Nothing burns
But slow cooker bubble”

Not quite the start of ’The Scottish Play’, but it’s probably what Old Billy Shakespeare would have written if he’d attended our October Oasis.
The meeting was a fantastic and vibrant evening thanks to the wonderful efforts of our three ‘witches’, Tina, Barbara and their beautiful assistant Dee. The pumpkin stew was hot, tasty and spicy, the desert delicious and the room was a suitably spooky coven.

The evening was well attended, and it was a pleasure to welcome our new member Emily, plus welcome back the familiar faces of Geri, Amanda and Lee, and Stella. Also a special mention to Lauren, who has been a stalwart of meetings recently, despite some significant health worries. It was great to see you all, members, partners and guests.
Sadly Covid, bugs and even post-vaccination ill health, prevented regulars Jenny and Kate, Phyllis and Barry, Claire and Jules, and Carole from attending at the last minute. We send you all our very best wishes. Get well soon, and see you all in November.
The evening also featured a raffle (more generosity by Tina), a head-scratching Halloween quiz and even a brief demonstration of the Timewarp.
Oasis meetings do seem to warp time, no sooner had we started than it was time to start cleaning up. Time just flies…
When shall we meet again?
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
Or on Saturday 19th November, when not only do we have Rachel’s Sausage and Mash but a talk by a very special guest. Annabelle will cover different methods of hair removal, skin and nail care, plus what to look for in a good beauty salon. Be there, or risk turning into a werewolf!
Now I’m to glue myself to something……..!
Be good

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