The Enchanting Gooderstone Water Gardens

What a lovely place it turned out to be for an Oasis visit, Friday 28th October, Lilly, Lauren, Rachel and Susan, Jodie and Teo with Penny, Lorraine and myself Theresa met at 11:30am in the café for drinks and snacks. The food choice in the café was not great but did have quite a selection of arts and crafts for sale, was certainly an interesting browse.

Once refreshed we headed off around the gardens which consisted mostly of ponds and bridges, was a lovely scene and every one of us agreed how wonderful it would be to have even one of those ponds in our own gardens.

The weather was quite mild and the ground was full of autumn leaves, I was thinking although it was lovely to be at such a place at that moment, what would it be like for a mid-summer visit, I think along with a picnic, quite idyllic. Oh, and where have all the ducks gone?

I was so excited when we actually found a colourful flowering plant, until that is, Penny also spotted it and thought it might be something edible.

Later in the afternoon we all met back at the café, baked spuds all round and plenty of cheerful chatter, at this point an episode of mis-gendering by the waitress caused concern though, it was followed by an apology after the error was pointed out and hopefully that person would not be making the same mistake again in the future. It seems the purpose of Oasis is not just to support each other but also to educate the general public.

Aside from this hiccup the afternoon was very enjoyable, I recommend to everyone who couldn’t join us on the day to visit this garden next spring/summer, I certainly will be back (with a picnic).

See you soon,

Theresa x