Stoke Holy Cross-On-Sea

OK, so it wasn’t St Tropez! Rachel did her best by mooring her superyacht, but it was only 940mm long. It did, however, in full sail, form a magnificent centre-piece for the table. Sixteen lovely ladies attended the beach party, suitably attired in glamorous beachwear. A beach miraculously appeared in ST George’s Hall, complete with … More Stoke Holy Cross-On-Sea

Review of May Ball

The theme for the May meeting was ‘A May Ball’ and the weather did not disappoint with the sun streaming through the windows illuminating the beautiful dresses. Twenty one guests enjoyed a meal prepared by Serena – a healthy salad followed by strawberries and cream. There wasn’t much left so it must have been ok! … More Review of May Ball

Oasis Easter 2022

Set square, big hammer, chainsaw, vernier gauge, welding googles and long nails. Gosh, I’d was drawing up my list of tools needed for making my Easter bonnet for the Oasis Easter parade; now all I needed was a design. Perhaps I could download some plans from the Internet, now where’s my phone?And it came to … More Oasis Easter 2022

February Oasis Blog

The Oasis world has changed forever. Oasis’ world changed forever with Vicky’s Last Supper and quiz. It was the end of an era, no more, would our resident chef (to the Stars) grace the kitchen and hall with her culinary delights! No more would she utter her famous line at the beginning of the quiz. … More February Oasis Blog

Claire & Jules agricultural trials and tribulations

The bravery of Claire and Julie Parsons dealing with Mental Health Issues The trials and tribulations of agriculture can have a dramatic effect on our mental health and one Norfolk farmer knows the importance of self-care and being true to themselves. The Parsons family has seen their business decimated in recent years due to a … More Claire & Jules agricultural trials and tribulations

January Oasis Blog

Happy New Year.Do you think it time to throw away the masks and test kits, as we move from plan B to plan A? Infections rates and hospitalisation falling rapidly, and deaths beginning to turn the corner. Time to book that foreign holiday now! I don’t think so, we may be past the peak but … More January Oasis Blog

December Oasis Blog

Well here we are at the end of another year and looking forward to a better next.  Everything was going so well until omicron surfaced and infection rated went exponential.  I remarked on infection rates over a year ago, as being in their hundred, but now we are seeing them in their thousands.  I always … More December Oasis Blog