A Platinum Jubilee Street Party (2 weeks late!)

At our June Oasis meeting we held a Platinum Jubilee Street Party. The Jubilee weekend was half way between our May and June meetings so we chose two weeks late on 18th June.
Sixteen people attended, including a new lady called Georgina. She seemed to enjoy the evening and I very much hope we see her again in July. Several people were away on holiday, or suffering with covid, or dancing at the Festival of Light in Lowestoft. The feedback was good so I think we created a very friendly, warm atmosphere.

It was a bring food to share night, so with a long table down the middle; red, white and blue bunting; and stirring patriotic music, it created the atmosphere of a street party.
Serena ran a Jubilee Quiz in which we learned that the Queen was born in her parents’ house at 17 Bruton St, Mayfair, which is now used as a Chinese take-away! The Queen’s favourite cocktail is gin and Dubonnet and Buckingham Palace has 52 bedrooms and Prince Philip’s nickname for the queen was ‘cabbage’. Really useful pub quiz answers!
The next Oasis meeting at St George’s Hall will be on Saturday, 16th July. The theme is a beach party so dig out your swimming costumes, towels, sunglasses, buckets and spades and suncream. There will be a prize for the most glamorous beach outfit, and a raffle. Bring a picnic and I’ll see you all on the sand.
Love and best wishes,

PS Beachwear not compulsory