A Fine Day in May – Stody Lodge Gardens

Friday 27th was a fine day in May, it was the day for an Oasis outing to Stody Lodge Gardens. The garden itself was not due to open until 1:00pm so as planned we met at around midday in the grassed area car park and prepared for a picnic. Joanna, Emma Jane, Lilly, Serena, Jules, Claire, Pam, Lorraine and myself Theresa set up tables and chairs in the sunshine and tucked into lots of yummy picnic delights including Prosecco and choc ices.

We were having that much fun we didn’t realise two hours had passed so quickly packed everything away and headed off to the nearby entrance, each paid the £8.00 fee and off we went heading towards the impressive house Stody Lodge. Joanna is a frequent visitor to Stody so was volunteered to be our guide, she suggested first visiting the Water Garden, somebody suggested stopping at the tearoom on the way, was tempting but we really did come to see at least some of the garden.

Was a lovely walk to the Water Garden along an avenue of rhododendrons, sadly the flowers where passed their best but instead provided a colourful carpet of petals on the ground. The azaleas in the Water Garden had completely finished flowering but was still a very pretty scene, especially from one entrance which enabled a complete overview of the area.

Next it was back to, yes the tearoom, hot drinks and cakes all round.

With still some time to see more of the garden we headed to the Long Walk via the lush green lawn, a very pretty sight in front of the grand white house. 

At the end of the Long Walk we came to a raised fenced area overlooking a meadow and distant woodland which gave some perspective of the scale of the estate.

So with no more time to view the garden further we headed back to the car park, again out came some chairs and flasks of tea etc. lots of chatter about the day and agreement on how enjoyable it had been. 

Our next Oasis outing destination was agreed, keep an eye out for a post with details shortly.

Theresa x