Blickling Hall Oasis Day

Blickling Estate proved to be a great venue for an Oasis day out. Friday 24th June was a lovely sunny summers day and a good Oasis turnout included Serena, Petra & Lorraine, Lilly, Clare, Jules & Pam, Katie, Beccie, Rachel, Lorraine and myself Theresa.

We all met outside the Muddy Boots cafe at around 10:30 am and had a quick refresh with drinks and cake before what hoped to be a walk around the lake.

Unfortunately, part of the lake path was closed so after a quick discussion with our Blickling guide Rachel we found an alternative route alongside part of the lake before returning via one of the main routes through the estate’s beautiful parkland.

Back at the cafe for a simple lunch of pasties and sandwiches it was lovely just to sit and chat in the sunshine.  Time next for a visit to the house and gardens, it seemed a bit optimistic for us to be able to keep in one large group, so we decided to split off into smaller groups with the intent to assemble back at the cafe by 4:00 pm. Lorraine stayed at the cafe with our doggie Penny because sadly no dogs allowed within the grounds, I’ll take Lorraine back there another day😊

So off I went with Beccie and Katie to the house where we were met by one of the National Trust guides who ushered us through the main entrance where it was just wow, look at the stairs, the carvings, the paintings and stained glass windows, at first glance it looked a bit church like but the reality is it was once actually a home, albeit a very large one.

Moving on room by room each one filled with paintings, tapestries and other treasures you could begin to feel how life functioned back in the day. The dining room complete with a fully set table really touched me because I could relate it to Downton Abbey of which I’d just finished all six seasons on Netflix, I could imagine the butler and footmen all performing their duties during a mealtime.

The music room was my favourite.

After moving further through the house both upstairs and downstairs we found ourselves back outside in front of the vast gardens and lake, walking around treading carefully to avoid the Canadian geese poo we stopped for photos along the way.

We finished the day with drinks and chat outside the cafe in the warm sunshine, was a lovely, chilled atmosphere swapping stories including snippets of our own trans journeys, time eventually caught up with us and time to leave at 5:00 pm.

Theresa x

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  1. Was a wonderful day thank you Theresa I think everyone enjoyed it and it’s good to get out and about after the last 2yrs

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