Gender Neutral Gone Mad??

Schoolboys told they can wear skirts but not shorts due to gender neutral uniform policy. At a school not too far from Oasis, parents have hit out at new school uniform rules which mean that in hot weather boys can wear skirts – but not shorts.

The changes in policy at Wymondham High Academy follow complaints from families that boys were being forced to wear trousers during the summer term, when temperatures can soar. The school agreed to review the regulations, but rather than permitting shorts it introduced a ‘gender neutral’ policy, permitting boys and girls to wear trousers or skirts – and neither to wear shorts.

The headteacher, defended the new policy as “something we are very proud of” and said it had involved consultation with families.

“Offering a skirt as an option is not gender neutral. It would be gender neutral to offer both boys and girls the option of a skirt or shorts.

“A skirt is in item of clothing traditionally associated with girls so although it is absolutely fine for a boy to wear a skirt, many boys and girls might feel uncomfortable about that and would choose to wear shorts.”

A similar story emerged in 2017 at Exeter Academy who wore skirts in a uniform protest.

What are your views about this?

4 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Gone Mad??

  1. Whilst I would have been delighted by uch a policy when I was at school in the 1970’s I do feel unfortunately that this probably well intentioned but ill considered policy will be used by the far right pressure groups and biased media as another stick to beat us with, I don’t see why they have a problem with shorts, they were school uniform for many years, and I remember wearing them even in winter, and not just for PE either, certainly I never wore long trousers in the summer, and I was very envious of the girls then in their comfy skirts

    I would be very interested to hear other peoples views on this, I do hope that at least some of the Boy’s will try a Skirt, and also that no one will have a problem with it, I expect quite a lot of Girls will admire them for their courage, though some of the Boys will sadly obviously take the Pee

    Kind regards Julie

  2. Seems a sensible policy since skirts are cooler than shorts. But to help those who think skirts are just for girls, kilts are now-a-days universal although traditionally they were just for men.

  3. This is madness and If the head is truly “proud” of the decision ,it must call into question his suitability to be a school head. What about wearing culottes?

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