December Oasis Blog


Well here we are at the end of another year and looking forward to a better next.  Everything was going so well until omicron surfaced and infection rated went exponential.  I remarked on infection rates over a year ago, as being in their hundred, but now we are seeing them in their thousands.  I always thought that sleepy Norfolk would be unaffected by these strains, but not so, for whatever London rates are, expect the same with us in a few weeks.

3 wise ladies imparting cheer to the church masses!

Still I said in my November blog that I had 7 events in December and I managed to go to six of them, testing on a regular basis throughout. It starting with the Oasis Christmas meal at the Marsh Harrier in early December followed by my birthday treat to Thursford Christmas Spectaular, a few days later. Then a few small Christmas parties and finally the LGBT Carol service which ran this year after a pause in 2020. Although there was reduced numbers Oasis was there to support and the service was very good.  Vicky came in a sparkly Boho outfit and skyscraper shoes which had been in her wardrobe  for over a year.  The address was given by the Revd Graham Kirk-Spriggs, who told Vicky afterwards that he couldn’t stop looking at her shoes! Vicky said he couldn’t have them!

Of course the final Oasis meeting of the year, Vicky’s Oasis and Christmas meal was cancelled at the 11th hour much to her annoyance a as I’m sure she had already brought in food items and quiz prizes! However I am certain for your safety, Serena had made the right decision with the accelerating spread of the new strain.

Despite the many concerns over Covid-19 we have in 2021 arranged to go on 7 outings to various gardens and parks, and I, sure Theresa is, as I write, sorting out the 2022 outings calendar. Watch this space!

I think all it leaves me now is to wish all our Oasis members, their families and friends and our allies a happy and safe New Year and hopefully a much better 2022.

Beccie x