January Oasis Blog

Happy New Year.
Do you think it time to throw away the masks and test kits, as we move from plan B to plan A? Infections rates and hospitalisation falling rapidly, and deaths beginning to turn the corner. Time to book that foreign holiday now! I don’t think so, we may be past the peak but some countries have yet to reach it!

Well less of the doom. This month the Oasis meeting went as planned and click on this to read more. It’s good to see that some of our new ladies that contacted Serena or myself have started to attend, gained confidence and met new friends.

Did you know that men used to wear dresses and the colour pink not so long ago. Too often, people seem to forget that what is today considered as either typically male or female is nothing more than a social construct shaped by years of history and evolving fashions.

The photograph you see on the left-hand side is of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was two and a half years old. It was taken in 1884.

Yes, that is a boy in a dress and long hair. And that outfit was considered gender-neutral.

As shocking as it might seem today, it was considered perfectly normal for centuries. Children wore dainty white dresses up to age six or seven, without differentiating between boys and girls.

So why was pink for boys and blue for girls? To find out more click on this link for a very informative 10 minute video about the colours pink and blue.

Well that only leave me to look forward to February with Vicky’s farewell Oasis meeting and a snow drop garden visit. Look out for the posts and hope to see some of you at either or both.

Beccie X