Oasis Easter 2022

Set square, big hammer, chainsaw, vernier gauge, welding googles and long nails. Gosh, I’d was drawing up my list of tools needed for making my Easter bonnet for the Oasis Easter parade; now all I needed was a design. Perhaps I could download some plans from the Internet, now where’s my phone?
And it came to pass, that a small select group gathered on Easter Saturday. Sadly Covid and family commitments meant we had the smallest Oasis for many a year, but I’d like to think that my girls were the creme de le creme, The Pride Of Ms Lilly Newton.

Dispite bearly a quorum, a wide ranging conversation ensured, topics such as Bernoulli’s first law of fluid dynamics, highly deadly spiders running wild in London Zoo, glass spiders with David Bowie, to the boats that Rachel built. Of course I love to tell you more but what is the first rule of Oasis? What happens at Oasis, stays at Oasis.
Anyway back to bonnet fabrication; no plans on the Web, what next I thought? Suddenly inspiration! I headed to my bookshelves and there it was; the 1967 Blue Peter Annual with Valerie Singleton making the bonnet just for me. All I needed was sticky back plastic, a pair of scissors and a following wind. Today Oasis, next the world of millinery and I would be the next Philip Treacy.
As we all know, Oasis is a valuable and special thing, where we meet the third Saturday of every month. Please reserve the 21st May for our next meeting, our very own May Ball. It’s a chance for a bit of glam and some sparkle, but don’t forget, our theme is not compulsory. So if you prefer to dress down, please come along too and just spend time with friends, or even make some new ones. I’m looking forward to seeing you all then.
What happened to mon chapeau? The sticky back plastic was far too sticky and my chainsaw was blunt, so I was forced to make an emergency dash to my favourite charity shop. Four quid to you Madam; perfect, just the job as you can see, I hope you are fascinated by my little fascinator. Beautiful.
Lilly x

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