Operation Muckleburgh

Saturday April 2nd a small group of Oasis ladies met at the Muckleburgh Military Collection near Weybourne North Norfolk. 

Claire, Jules, Pam, Lauren and myself Theresa first got together in the spacious café for a delicious coffee in the warm as it was a chilly day so a hot drink was very welcome before setting off around the museum.

The exhibits are displayed in clearly defined areas and easily followed by good signage so nothing is missed, saying that, to look in detail at everything displayed would certainly take more than one visit, especially the first room we looked at, Models, all ships built to the same scale gives a good perspective of sizes. Armoured cars were next, all opened up to see the mostly uncomfortable and cramped conditions.

Next we paused for a pose in the Anti-Aircraft room.

Then through to the light tanks before entering the shop, nobody purchased anything but a browse and chat to the very friendly receptionist was a good excuse to spend a few minutes in a warmer environment. The Weybourne Camp room was next and very informative on the original use of the museum site, basically a military training camp which included the training of women. Something I’d not previously thought about was that back in WW2 days women were barred from serving in battle but provided a multitude of other essential support and defence roles.

Following the signs we viewed displays of light weapons, Yeomanry, artillery, missiles, reconnaissance and in the last room, heavy tanks, big beasts not to be argued with unless properly equipped.

Another captured Russian tank

Theresa getting friendly with the tank crew

Our walk around the collection was so interesting and absorbing that nobody was really keeping an eye on the time, fortunately the café was still open so we sat and enjoyed more hot drinks and cake.

This was my second visit to Muckleburgh, the first being some years ago during which I saw a photo of a bomb crater located at the exact location of the house in Great Yarmouth I was living in during the 1980’s, glad I wasn’t born to an earlier generation because I may not have made old bones, shame but could find the same photo this time round.

This visit was very interesting and enjoyable, would recommend it to anyone who couldn’t make it this time.

Theresa x