February Oasis Blog

The Oasis world has changed forever.

Oasis’ world changed forever with Vicky’s Last Supper and quiz.

It was the end of an era, no more, would our resident chef (to the Stars) grace the kitchen and hall with her culinary delights! No more would she utter her famous line at the beginning of the quiz. “Argue all you like but Vicky’s decision is final”! No more would we be showered, for winning the quiz, with cheap prizes from Tesco!

To find out more about this monumental event click on this link to read Joanna’s article about the night. To find out more about Vicky click on this link to read her story.

Vicky in Pictures – Oasis 2011-2022

It is joyous to see Oasis returning to the type of meetings we have been so successful at running pre-pandemic. The calendar for meetings and themes for 2022 is being written as we speak, so watch out for an upcoming post on that.

On Saturday Theresa ran the February garden visit to see the snowdrops at Hindringham Hall. Yet again, the sun shines on the righteous and we were blessed with a beautifully sunny warm (10°) day. Look out for the post about the day from Theresa.

Well that’s about it from me for February. Just need to brush up on my Russian and hopefully see you sometime soon.

Beccie x